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  1. spyken


    I remember fondly his kindness, his humour and his open mind when we chatted over messages a decade ago. Loved his particular style in the wrapping and the magnolia stamp. RIP Jimmy.
  2. spyken

    Enzo Birk & Kaneso Santoku Bundle

    I'm offering both as a bundle. Folder: Customised Enzo Birk Folder, done ala custom emersons, with all the tiny little details. Blade reground by Gareth Bull, the other customisations (ti bolsters, micarta handles) done by Nathawut. Used faithfully with scratches but not abused. I have the clip...
  3. spyken

    **Grail Bolsterlock Fraley Deluge - Fire Sale Price + New Pics**

    My contract is coming up soon. So I'm lowering the price to as low as I can go, otherwise, it goes back into the safe, perhaps another lifetime for another collector. Some background - Derek Fraley has only made 4 or 5 bolsterlocks (when I last asked him 2 years back) in total, I'm pretty sure...
  4. spyken

    customised enzo birk

    relisted as a bundle.
  5. spyken

    Lowered-price : Rare Grail One-Off Fraley Bolsterlock with Timascus

    relisted with new pics and new price.
  6. spyken

    Kanesho Aogami Santoku

    still available.
  7. spyken

    Kanesho Aogami Santoku

  8. spyken

    Customised Enzo Birk 75

  9. spyken

    CLOSED PRE-ORDER CPK Keffeler Competition Cutter

    wow. anyone who wants to pass on their regular size handled speed cutting version, I'd be interested.
  10. spyken

    Customised Enzo Birk (like a custom Emerson)

    still available. $500 for both, unbeatable bargain.