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    Welcome to Busse Black Friday 2021!!! . . . . Starting Tuesday, November 23, 2021 at 2:00PM Eastern!!! . . Busse Folder Prototype Raffle!!! . . .Huh?

    Well a Busse folder would be awesome. I am usually carrying my Chris Reeves Sebbie 21 insingo along with a Park Ranger in the front pocket.
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    EKI - Mini A-100 in stock

    Hey I just visited the Emerson store and was suprised to see Mini A-100s are in stock. I was more interested in the Micro Commander though. I might get one of those.
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    If Your An Emerson Fan Is there Any Love for the Zero Tolerance Emerson 0640?

    Well I have started carrying a ZT 0550 with a contoured G-10 scale lately. I pair it regularly with my Tiger and Super CQC-7 in the back pocket. There is lots of good options out there . When I am concerned about pocket wear I go for my Chris Reeves and my Spartan Harsey titanium folders.
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    1 Hog - 1 Rat - 1 Dog

    This TGULB and Ratmandu. If I could find a Rat Daddy. I would pick that one, but the Ratmandu is very useful.
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    1 Hog - 1 Rat - 1 Dog

    Well I have one Swamp rat and now 2 Scrapyards my knives are mostly Infi. I'll have to think although its probably a Team Gemini.
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    Specs And Pricing For The TNT-15 Sword

    Okay I got mine finally. I really like it. I am not sure if my eyesight is getting worse or not but I counted seven corrugated bevels on my Forest green TNT. I'm not complaining I think its luck of the Irish.
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    Specs And Pricing For The TNT-15 Sword

    Well I wasn't home fast enough to sign for mine, so am disappointed until tomorrow when I get to pick it up. Thanks for those pictures of the Forest green. It should be able to take a beating. I tried to split a log with my BG AK-47 when I had it. It would bend alittle and snap right back into...
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    Specs And Pricing For The TNT-15 Sword

    Mine is shipped. I will have pics of my Forest Green up tomorrow. Hopefully I catch the UPS man in time.
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    Specs And Pricing For The TNT-15 Sword

    Dinged for my Forest green!
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    The FFBM Needs a Comeback

    I dug out my Mistresses tonight and the Forsaken Mistress is certainly a favorite. I haven't used it yet though. The Bushwhacker and FBM have seen more action .
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    20 Years Ago Today . . . . September 11, 2001 . . . Lest We Forget . . . .

    I was 20 years old and I remember it vividly. I will never forget those people lost. God bless all of them.
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    Stacked like cord wood :) TNT-15 sheaths

    Very nice, I haven't gotten my Forest Green TNT ding yet but I think one of those Olive drab sheaths with a dangler will do quite well.
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    First bite

    Ouch, I have been bitten before by my Battle Grade AK-47, I was reverse gripping it and was pretending I was head slashing walkers. I caught the back of my right calf with the tip. It wasn't as severe as your Injury and I wish you a speedy recovery. I burned my elbow today while grilling...
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    Specs And Pricing For The TNT-15 Sword

    Wow those look nice. I haven't been on the forum in about two weeks so I did not know these had dinged. I ordered one forest green so I'll be waiting a little longer perhaps. I hope you all enjoy these sweet looking blades.
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    Post pictures of your Emersons here!

    What is the top fixed blade there with the double guards and coffin handles called?
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    *SOLD* Emerson Tiger, Emerson Seax, Emerson CQC-15

    Interested in the Tiger. email sent.
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    Spartan Harsey 4 inch Stone Wash

    Payment was sent, thank you.
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    Off Topic Been incommunicado for a while.

    I hope you get better, My dad was a little older than you when he died last year. I really miss him and am wishing I could of gotten to play one last game of chess with him as that was one of his favorite things to do.
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    Super Roadhouse

    I have a question, does the super CQC-15 exist? I saw someone have that listed as a trade option on the exchange and it got me excited. Well I googled it and found nothing. I just really like the bigger Emersons. I am thinking about getting a Tiger next since they are back on Emerson's website.