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  1. rabbivj

    ZT 0230!

    I’ve seen em for 180...
  2. rabbivj

    SOLD!- Ferrum Forge x DROP Mordax

    the lowest ill do is 250. Im trying to recoup most of my money back.
  3. rabbivj

    SOLD!- Ferrum Forge x DROP Mordax

    detent seems to be pretty strong.
  4. rabbivj

    SOLD!- Ferrum Forge x DROP Mordax

    This is gonna be pretty much a catch and release. I have a BNIB Ferrum Forge x DROP (formerly Massdrop) Mordax made by Pro-Tech. I flipped it a couple of times and found it wasnt for me. The steel is CPM-20CV and the action is very fast. Im asking $SOLD CONUS USPS Priority. The 1st "ill take...
  5. rabbivj


    Knife is sold!
  6. rabbivj


    pm sent.
  7. rabbivj


    What I have here is a large seb 21 left handed with a birthdate of 10/24/16. In excellent condition. Comes with box, papers, and cloth, just no lube or wrench since I can’t find em. $SOLD!
  8. rabbivj

    Spyderco Spydiechef vs Gayle Bradley 2 vs Advocate

    Out of the 3 id prefer the GB2. I owned the GB1 and i liked the design, just hated the M4 steel due to it being a non stainless and with the summer environments in GA, its prone to rust if you dont take care of it.
  9. rabbivj

    Question for Blade Show attendees. Previous and Current

    and as someone from Atlanta and living about 20 mins from the Galleria, they are I believe charging for parking this year due to SunTrust. So just depending on how long you stay there...its fairly inexpensive.
  10. rabbivj

    Blade Show Atlanta

    ill prolly go, seeing the fact is only about 20 mins away from me.
  11. rabbivj

    ZT 0640 vs Microtech SOCOM Elite

    Since I own the ZT 0640 and my exp with ZT/Kai CS and i only own one Microtech...ill take the ZT again and again.
  12. rabbivj

    Knives For 2019?

    i might look at the amalgam...
  13. rabbivj

    Emerson /ZT 0640

    I got one a couple of days ago, its a nice blade. The disk has torn up my thumb a tad but still usable. Tho i might look for an aftermarket thumb disk so i dont run into further issues. Can anyone make a suggestion?
  14. rabbivj

    Lionsteel SR-11A

    Price lowered to 145.
  15. rabbivj

    Lionsteel SR-11A

    What I have here is a Lionsteel SR11-A in Orange and Black. Ive carried it a couple of times but the deep carry isnt for me tbh. In excellent condition. Has Box, tool, and papers. Asking 145 Shipped TYD. PM me for PayPal address. Let me know if there are any questions. Thanks for Looking!
  16. rabbivj

    Small 21 Left Hand Insingo - SOLD!

    This has been SOLD!
  17. rabbivj

    Small 21 Left Hand Insingo - SOLD!

    Price drop to SOLD.
  18. rabbivj

    ZT 0609 - Sold!

    no thanks already had one and didnt really like it.