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    Spydiebenza 25

    Cool mod, I like it.
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    H1 steel, what's the catch?

    I agree based on my experience with a PE ARK. H1 doed not rust, even after salt water immersion. The blade is pretty scratch, but it lives in the sheath with salt water and sand so I expect scratches. With the sharpmaker rods I can get a great edge, but I also loose that edge quickly. I would...
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    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    Graham GMT GT
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    Review Graham GMT GT

    [email protected] It is a beautiful knife.
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    Who is the Chris Reeve of flippers?

    I know they are polorizing, but I would say Grimsmo. Especially since disassembly is supported and encouraged.
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    Review Graham GMT GT

    My Graham GMT GT arrived today. I have been fiddling with it since about lunch time. This is my first Graham. So far I am intrigued. But not sure if it is fit me. First some pictures. Likes: 1. The deep carry small pocket clip. 2. The size. 3. The blade shape. 4. The milling on the...
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    CupidGanzaaa 2019!!!. . . Coming This Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2019. . . 9:00 PM Eastern

    Wow Busse, those are some beautiful Ganza offerings.
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    RMJ Berserker Axe

    It is 40.5 oz with kydex so I would consider it too heavy, but with that weight comes a lot of cutting ability.
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    Medford Knife & Tool. Lets See Them!

    It is a lego of various Surefire and other parts. The body is a silver EB1 backup with gen1 Thyrm Switchback. The head is an incandescent e series. The light engine is a Tana SingLED. I put these pieces together in an effort to improve the EB1 Thrym package. The EB1 beam is very tight and I like...
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    Thin Tip-Down Flipper for Shirt Pocket?

    How about the Massdrop Gent, the clip is very pen like.
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    Medford Knife & Tool. Lets See Them!

    I only have one Medford, a Praetorian G with D2 blade. I really like it, and I have taken several picture of it, here are few.
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    RIP Charlie Mike

    Receiving the news was hard, Matt Freeman will be missed. Over the last few years I have enjoyed watching his YouTube content and reading his forum posts.
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    Are small fixed blade useful ?

    I love small fixed blades.
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    Your current top 3 on the list

    The Cayenne is awesome, it is so compact and easy to carry. I think you will love it.
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    Your current top 3 on the list

    Spyderco Chaparral <- ordered this morning Mule Scalea ?
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    Endura/Military MOD Templar Scales

    Amazing work
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    Spyderco Endura/Kintai Profile MOD

    Those are some nice looking scales.
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    New Peter Rassenti

    I have been able to tell the difference when cutting cardboard with Spyderco S35vn and S90v, the S90v will still shave arm hair after more cuts when compared to the S35vn. I really like the looks of this knife, but I think $500+ is too much. I am also one to complain about the clip. I feel the...
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    Just finished up Urban regulator pants

    Looks good, I like the double stitching