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Apr 28, 2013
Not sure how hard or costly it is to achieve a finish on such as the Slysz Bowie but know if they replicate this on the SpydieChef I'd be all over it. That goes for a Para 2, a Para 3, Manix 2, and many other models. Also love CTS-XHP!

Is Spyderco not sitting back and aching watching the Slysz Bowie for for nearly $200 more on the secondary market per knife? How much money are they LOOSING by NOT releasing a second run of these?! Even if they bump it to $450 retail and change nothing else, it is a total win for everyone (well maybe not for the customer unless around $355 for something). It seems these are even more in demand now than ever and why Spydero is not jumping on this like yesterday is beyond me. If I was head of projects, production, and execution, best believe there'd be Slysz Bowies hitting the shelves online and store by April of this year.

I myself wouldn't mind paying $450 for one but for gosh sakes, Spyderco, if you make this dream come true please, PLEASE, do not go the route of the Techno with Techno 2 and redesigned it. The Slysz is as perfect as can be. Unless of course you install a flat spot above the spydiehole, pop in a replaceable lockbar insert, and offer half-serrated versions too. But keep everything else the same.

Maybe one day this dream will come true.....:thumbsup:

Can't limit this dream to just one knife..Lets bring back ALL Spydercos with Ridiculous / Outrageous prices on the secondary markets so EVERYONE is happy.. Spyderco Tuff.. the Rex 45 Sprints.. Spyderco Red 4V Shaman.. Spyderco Jade M4 Shaman.. Spyderco Shaman Micarta/Cruwear.. Rivers Edge Cutlery CTS 204P Para 3(seriously..$500 for a Para 3??).. CF CPM154/S90V Paramilitary 2.. CF/S90V Paramilitary 2.. Spyderco 10V K2.. Spyderco Rubicon(Seen the prices on those lately?).. Spyderco Mamba.. Spyderco C67P R.. Spyderco Gayle Bradley 1(those have been creeping up).. Spyderco Caly 3 Super Blue..

It seems these are even more in demand now than ever and why Spydero is not jumping on this like yesterday is beyond me...
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Apr 21, 2009
Sprints cannot be reissued, ever. That’s the idea of a sprint run. They won’t change that policy.
Oct 20, 2019
The part of the price increase that miffs me is I was never able to find a Gayle Bradley 2 or a Siren and now when I do the price will be higher. :(