A couple of Wenger blades back up for sale

ron finkbeiner jr

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Jan 6, 2012
I have a full size Wenger Tracker and a Wenger Pilot knife for sale. These knives are unfielded(is that even a word? ) I have shaved hair of my arm and just generally fondled them. I ordered these as a matched set because they both have od green micarta with red liners. I am offering these at a significantly reduced price because of the tough times our country is going thru and due to the fact I myself will probably never use these to their potential. The prices are as follows:
1) Tracker originally $750.00-now $475.00
2) Pilot originally $425.00-now $300.00.
If you buy as a set then I sell at $725.00 otherwise price as marked. The prices include shipping and tracking. PayPal G&S only (I'll eat the Fees) please contact me at [email protected] for any questions.
Please disregard winkler pictures.
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