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May 29, 2004
A.G. Russell titanium Funny Folder, hand engraved, then selectively anodized a pale straw gold and beadblasted. Vertical ano on one side, horizontal on the other...makes having it the right way to use after opening way easier;)

All work (approximately 20 hours) by me:) $SOLD but feel free to inquire about another shipped USPS priority in the US, PayPal G&S.

20210404_182826~2.jpg 20210404_182802~2.jpg

Blurb with specs from A.G. Russell:
"This is a knife that is different. Instead of the blade folding between two handle sides, this one pivots twice, the handle containing the blade pivots out of the frame and then swings around the frame, exposing the blade. With a blade of VG-10 at 60-61 Rc., a stainless frame and a titanium handle, the materials are the same that you will find in handmade knives that sell at much higher prices. The blades are deeply hollow ground from stock that is just under 1/8" thick. The general purpose blade shape makes it ideal for picking splinters, opening letters and boxes or cutting articles from newspapers. This design, when made as well as it is here, is one of the finest dress knives you can own - slim, compact, interesting to everyone who sees it. You'll want to show it off. Measures 2-7/8" closed and 5-1/8" open. Weighs 1.0 oz."

Many of you may not be familiar with hand engraving or what an Airgraver (The tool that I use) is. It's a palm sized pneumatic jackhammer that uses tiny chisels to remove and shape metal...entirely controlled by hand:) This engraving is cut deep with lots of texture, very different than your standard laser engraving.

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