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Apr 9, 2020
I am puzzled by this giant slit on this very tall tree. It goes from top to bottom.
A lone beetle is slowly making its way up.

My first thought was lightening,but really have no idea.

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Nov 24, 2013
Long weekend for Labour Day! Time to get back out in the mountains! This one’s been our list for a few years, but there was always an excuse for why that wasn’t the hike we were going on. Today we finally made it there. Jewell Pass via Prairie View Trail.

Looking like it’s going to be a nice day. Hey look… Sometimes we wait for the sun to come up ;)


This trail takes us to the summit of Yates Mountain in a loop, overlooking Barrier Lake, with a stop at a fire lookout at the summit.


Summit with the lookout on the right side, better view of it here


Partway up with a view down on the lake.


Are we there yet? Nope, just a little further - Lookout on the summit on the right.


Views getting better the higher we go.




Made it up to the lookout.



When we got up near the helicopter pad, the lookout came out of the hut and waved us up. His name was Shane, and gave us a quick tour of the outside area at the top, and shared a ton of info. Really nice guy!

I don’t think I could last 120 days up there before going home like him, but man, the views would help!





Lunch time, and got to test out the new JetBoil we got yesterday for Cowboy Coffee while hiking. Victorinox Hiker supervising. The thing boils 16oz of water in under 3 minutes - Very handy! Small bottle of Baileys Irish Cream for Christina's cup :D


We were the only group up there at first, but as we were eating it got quite crowded. A tour group of around 20, and a few other pairs showed up as well.

Time to head back down through Jewell Pass. Not a lot of photos taken the rest of the hike, but got a couple.


This little guy was not happy we had the nerve to go walking on his trail. Somebody page Dr. Dan to come smooth things over!


Cool little waterfall


Out and back to the car in a little over 6 hours, 16.5km, and 803m of elevation gain. Shame we waited so long to do this hike, it was a good one!



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Dec 2, 2017
Really enjoying the photos in this thread :) You Canucks sure live in a beautiful part of the world :cool: Enjoying all your great adventures CelloDan CelloDan CelloDan CelloDan , and Crazy Canuck Crazy Canuck Crazy Canuck Crazy Canuck , the photos from your hike were absolutely breathtaking :cool: :thumbsup:

I got out for a couple of walks this week, in pleasant, but less spectacular scenery :D :thumbsup:

Thank you my friend :)
I enjoy the vistas of the English countryside as well and the chance to visit virtually the places in nature as seen by fellow Porch members :thumbsup:.

Long weekend for Labour Day! Time to get back out in the mountains! This one’s been our list for a few years, but there was always an excuse for why that wasn’t the hike we were going on. Today we finally made it there. Jewell Pass via Prairie View Trail.

Awesome hike Mike, I am happy you guys got the chance to do this one on your list :)
Echoing Jack's comments :thumbsup:, thanks for sharing a portion of what becomes part of our treasured chest of memories as times goes by :)

Next time you see that unruly squirrel call me and put her on speakerphone, I'll make sure to she calms down and behaves for you guys 😁

We came home Friday evening from our family camping in Georgian Bay, Ontario.
Now we have this long Labour day weekend to "rest" from our vacation LOL :cool:


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Dec 2, 2017
The iconic 100 year old windswept white pine tree at Killbear Provincial Park in Georgian Bay Ontario.
One of the most photographed trees in Ontario and perhaps Canada.

My Canadian made Grohmann Slimline.



My good old faithful ebony lamb.
The limb that died in 2019 can be seen in this pic. The tree has started to hollow out and it's days are numbered.
It stands as a symbol of resilience in the face of adversity as it has next to no soil and it has been buffeted by winds and winter storms for decades.



A view from the water aboard Esperanza


The iconic tree is extensively featured in regional art and souvenirs




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Dec 2, 2017
At the risk of spamming this thread with "navigating the Rideau Canal aboard Esperanza" lol 😁 allow me to share just a few pictures of my last adventure for this summer.

I took very few pics this last time as I was focused on observing everything along the way to record it in my brain and take the chance to sort of reflect on life's journey as well.

What started two months ago as a relatively short one time trip of 65 km ended up becoming 5 trips.
That first trip awaken a passion to explore this Ontario navigating treasure.

In total I have somewhere between 500 and 600 km ( rough estimate) logged in this summer aboard my humble Esperanza ( with it's tiny 2 hp Honda outboard ... cruising speed average 8.5 km/hr )

I do wish I was 20 again though :D as when you hit 50+ the ground seems to be harder to reach lol 🤣.
There is a lot of kneeling and having to reach down, etc involved in loading/unloading a small boat, camping, sleeping on the ground etc over several days but it's all "good pains" lol

My EDC for this last trip


Morning mist. The nights are much cooler now and the days are noticeable shorter.


I enjoyed seeing the sun rays shine down through some breaks in the clouds later in the day.


This a a first.
Esperanza all alone inside a lock ... it happens when "nature calls" with such determination that you must answer it lol 😁


Selfie ... taking notes from my friend Crazy Canuck Crazy Canuck :)


The top part of the swinging bridge was coming loose so my knipex cobra pliers were just the tool to fix it :cool: ;)
Cobra also helped to fix a hand winch (crab).

Now seriously, the pliers worked great in helping me tighten up the cable connectors of the inverter to the battery so I could use my cpap machine.


Can you spot a cobra ?


My trusty Pioneer x came along for the ride.
It helped me open a can of beef stew and I used the screwdriver to install the long steering handle on my outboard.
The blade was not used at all 🤷‍♂️


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Dec 2, 2017
My nephews were busy this summer collecting Monarch butterflies eggs and caring for them until they became adults. They released a bunch of them this season ( Monarch butterflies are in decline in our area )

While visiting them a few days ago my Victorinox Pioneer got to pose with the very last of them before it got released.