ALL SOLD Microtech Ultratech Bladeshow 2015 / Benchmade 9170 Auto Triage


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May 23, 2008
If you ask a question and don’t receive an answer, read this post again. Your answer lies within.

US sales only
Prices all inclusive
Reasonable offers will be considered
No trades
  • Please see the videos or photos for detailed descriptions
  • Times at which each knife appears are indicated in ()
Item status:
  • Red is sold
  • Green is sold pending funds (SPF)
  • Black is available
  • Items that appear in photos/videos but not listed are either sold or not yet available. Please don’t bother asking about them. The exception might be on Bladeforums where they might appear in a different section. You can check the links in my signature blocks.

- Microtech Ultratech Bladeshow 2015 = $250

- Benchmade 9170 (7:07) = $150
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