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Jan 20, 2012
Clearing out bags I don't use. They have all been used. Some more than others, but all in good shape. No hard use just from my home to work in a hospital. Then just sitting in my closet. The prices are what I post. I will cover paypal fees and shipping. Keeping that in mind you can try and shoot me an offer but shipping on my end will be some $$$ so don't expect too much deviation. The bag will go to whomever posts "I'll take it first". If we are in talks and someone takes it for the asking price they will get it. Fastest way to contact me is [email protected] Thank for looking and Aloha.

Kifaru X-ray Gen1 with Organizer Pocket- $old
This bag is so well made. I am second owner bought on forums. Size Medium

S.O. Tech SGP-BLK Go Pack Double Strap- $old
Bought New. Cool sling bag that can convert to backpack style when loads get heavier. Very Good compartmentalization. Used for about a year.

Mystery Ranch ASAP- $old
My favorite bag. Used it to and from work for about a year. I am the second owner. GenKraid surgically cut out the 2 liner pouches on the inside to make more honestly can't tell they were ever there.

Chrome Industries Kadet- $60...$old
Bought new from Chrome Industries. Used for couple of weeks. Close to new.

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