Attention BF2020 Away We Go - Books are closed

Discussion in 'Traditional Folders and Fixed Blades' started by knifeswapper, Aug 7, 2020.

  1. Mass1632

    Mass1632 Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 24, 2019
    Got mine ordered hours ago. Thisll be my first and im grateful its happening. Thanks a lot.

    If it comes down to the end of the weekend and there hasnt been enough sold vs the number you give Viper, some of us would probably be willing to add another to our order so youre not left with unsold merchandise.
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  2. JasonPaul

    JasonPaul Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 28, 2016
    Ordering one now. Thanks for doing this!

    Quick edit.. using a shipping address that differs from billing address. About to put our house on the market and we're making it an adventure with our final destination unknown. Just didn't want it to cause concern. Thanks!
  3. coinbuysell

    coinbuysell Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 29, 2014
    Paid for my two, thanks again Mike!
  4. RobbW

    RobbW Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 15, 2003
    Just placed my order. Thanks Mike, and thanks for making a 2020 BFC knife happen, and making the process so easy!!
  5. drj211

    drj211 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 26, 2008
    Paid for 2. Thanks again Mike.
  6. Grenock

    Grenock Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Apr 7, 2016
    Order in, thanks to all that made this happen.
  7. Federico Terra

    Federico Terra

    May 22, 2020
    Hi Mike, previously I commited to buy two, but I am sorry that being so new here I don´t qualify for the BF knife, thanks anyway.
  8. Spaten

    Spaten Basic Member Basic Member

    Dec 27, 2015
    Order in, thanks Mike!
  9. jux t

    jux t Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 10, 2018
    Ordered mine. Thanks!
  10. Keyopp

    Keyopp Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 14, 2013
    International order in for 1 shipping to Canada. Thanks Mike, I appreciate you getting us sorted up here.
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  11. SVTFreak

    SVTFreak Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 8, 2011
    Add me for another if it’s needed to achieve the proper numbers. Just pm or email me, @knifeswapper if it’s needed.
  12. Prester John

    Prester John Gold Member Gold Member

    May 20, 2018
    As long as you're not a flipper, it couldn't hurt to ask the moderators if maybe an exception could be made.
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  13. Danke42


    Feb 10, 2015
    Ordered one for Canada. Thanks for keeping us in mind!
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  14. Xr6x

    Xr6x Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 17, 2015
    Thanks Mike! Ordered :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  15. paulhilborn

    paulhilborn Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 22, 2006
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  16. Tjstampa

    Tjstampa Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 25, 2019
    Ordered. Again thank you
  17. khopesh

    khopesh Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 23, 2018
    Just ordered one. Thank you
  18. Duvel


    Feb 3, 2016
    Ordered! Thank you Mike.
  19. Ernie1980

    Ernie1980 Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 19, 2012
    I ordered my two, thank you so much for making this happen!!!
  20. knarfeng

    knarfeng senex morosus moderator Staff Member Super Mod Moderator

    Jul 30, 2006
    I ordered one.
    Thank you, Mike.
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