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BM 533BK-2/Opinel's

Discussion in 'For Sale: Folding Knives (Individual)' started by Sigsog226, Feb 17, 2021.

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  1. Sigsog226

    Sigsog226 Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 3, 2013
    I'm only set up for PayPal right now. I pay shipping and fees. For each additional item/package bought, take $10 off.

    1)SOLD Benchmade Mini Bugout First Production, dlc blade and cf elite handles. I carried it for about a week and used it only on the kiddo's B-day to open packages, cut zip-ties, and tape. In great shape. I did hijack the mini carry clip(I'm keeping it) though and put a standard black oxide clip on it from a mini grip. It has a speck off of the ano on one of the thumb studs (see pic), and the middle pocket clip screw is t flush with the inside of the scale since its from a mini grip, but doesn't hurt anything. Might be a hair off center if it is at all.
    Asking $95 SOLD

    2)SOLD Two Opinel's I'm selling together as a package. A No 6 in Olive wood and a No 8 in Walnut. Both have been sharpened, have marks on the blades, have their boxes, and are stainless blades. Hopefully pics show the wear on the blades correctly. New house and haven't figured out the best lighting yet.
    Asking $25 for both of them.SOLD
    PXL_20210217_025811636.jpg PXL_20210217_025949170.jpg PXL_20210217_025922016.jpg PXL_20210217_025845378.jpg PXL_20210217_025825940.jpg PXL_20210217_031652061.jpg PXL_20210217_031801708.jpg PXL_20210217_031730600.jpg PXL_20210217_031749839.jpg
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  2. Captvideo

    Captvideo Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 19, 2014
    I ll take the Opinels per Pm. PayPal sent.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2021
  3. Brules1


    Jul 22, 2007
    I'll take the BM Bugout.
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