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Bullet Impacts in Super Slow-Motion Video

Jul 17, 2005
I have checked in Search to see if anyone has posted this before.

This video shows rifle, pistol and air rifle projectiles hitting various surfaces like steel, glass and concrete. The shots at 7 minutes 30 show bullets splitting at the rifling.


This 10-minute video shows the impact of bullets on various targets at 1 million frames per second. It was made by Werner Mehl, an engineer noted for his development of high-speed photography:

Germany’s Werner Mehl is the talented engineer who created the PVM-21 infrared chronograph, in many respects the most sophisticated ballistic speed-measuring system currently available to the general public. Werner runs a company, Kurzzeitmesstechnik, which specializes in high-tech ballistic measuring systems and ultra-high-speed photography. Werner has engineered camera and lighting systems that can literally track a bullet in flight, millimeter by millimeter, with eye-popping resolution. Werner employs digital cameras that record up to 1 million frames per second, with effective shutter speeds as fast as 1.5 nano-seconds. The videos produced by Werner’s systems are amazing. Below are two short samples. The first shows a 7mm bullet penetrating cardboard. Note you can clearly see the engraving of the rifling on the bullet.

I found it interesting. I hope you do.
Oct 20, 2004
Pretty freakin cool!

I wonder what that was about 3 minutes in where a small blob was hitting the bullet as it went past?

It also looks like there is some kind of strobe going in some of the shots. You can see a flashing of light. At first I thought it was something happening inside the ballistic gel (?) that was giving off light but then realized it was a reflection and you can see it in other shots. That would be kinda cool if it was a fluorescent light and that is the flashing that occurs from the AC current.

The shotgun at the end was pretty neat as well. Like a swarm of killer bees coming to get you.
May 24, 2006
Yeah, the shotgun was pretty neat. I'd never seen that before.

How many tries do think that it took to get the blob to hit the bullet?

Josh K

Sep 29, 2008
That was pretty cool. :thumbup: I've seen a lot of the 10,000 fps videos, but this one has a very artistic touch to it.


Platinum Member
Sep 8, 2008
That would be a pretty cool screen saver if someone could convert it...