Chris Reeve Large Inkosi,Small Inkosi,Carbon Fiber,and Umnumzaan

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Apr 27, 2016
Hey guys got some CRK's I am selling all mint except the carbon fiber it is mint but has been used to cut and has been carried so the blade is a little dull. I am doing PayPal only.
I bought all of these brand new and have everything that these came with them except the cloths I am missing them for two of the knives. Will give clothes to the first two sold then the others sorry :(
Large Inkosi Blade CPM S35vn Black carbon fiber Birthdate 10/31/2016. This knife has been carried and used but taken care of very well
Sold funds Paid TYD
Umnumzaan Blade S35vn Birthdate 7/26/2016 this knife is perfect besides a small rub on the clip. blade is perfect scales are perfect.
Sold funds paid TYD
Large Inkosi S35vn with natural canvas micarta inlays Birthdate 9/28/2016 this knife is near perfect it has been carried and used to open boxes a couple times but other then that you can't even tell
Sold funds paid TYD
Small Inkosi s35vn natural canvas micarta inlays Birthdate 9/29/2016 this is also mint
First Ill take it followed by quick payment the knife is yours. I send signature required thanks

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May 3, 2011
I'll take Large Inkosi S35vn with natural canvas micarta