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Apr 9, 2014
Price Includes Paypal G&S and shipping via USPS Priority to CONUS.
First person with an I'll take it here gets it, know your laws because I Don't. Please keep offers and questions to PM Thanksss

Clearing out the collection making room for others. May add more.. Everything comes with what they should (boxes and such)

Shirogorov 95T - Not much to say here other than its a fantastic blade. Super smooth, solid, and centered. M390, MRBS, and internal milling.
$ withdrawn

Jake Hoback Kwaiback MK4 - Was told the Ano work was done by Fanatic edge. It looks well done to me. Knife is smooth, solid, and centered. This one has a few small snail trails on the edges of scales, and clip. I will include pics.

Spyderco Drunken - Comes with an A. Purvis pocket clip which is beautiful. Knife is mint. Clip has a minor scratch on it that I couldn't even get to show up on picture and you would probably never even see it but I know its there...

Zero Tolerence 0640- Knife has a small hairline scratch on the blade that was hard to get a photo of, otherwise mint. a pair of really nice canvas Micarta scales on it but will include the stock carbon(90% sure i have them have to check)

Giant Mouse Ace Grand- Catch and release is brand new except for me opening a few times.
Knife came slightly off center, didn't want to mess with it as I'm letting it go.

Wingman EDC MDD-K Stealth - Cool little knife This one I actually carried A few times If it was used it was to cut tape or something. the blade has a dark spot on the blade came like that looks worse in the pics than IRL. Small scuff on the pocket clip shown in pic.

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