CPK "Knife love" ? Actual use pics. Not for Glamour shots

Hard Knocks

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Oct 1, 2012
One of the more underrated pieces we've done. I feel it's probably our overall best chopper.

Sales were always somewhat slow. Once the existing blade stock is depleted I don't think we're going to revisit it.

I believe it is your most underrated piece, which is a shame because it's brilliant. I really think if the 'medium chopper' had been given a catchier name (I mean hell, who doesn't want a 'Behemoth' chopper!) that it would be more popular. I'd sell every other blade I own in this size before I'd give up my MC.


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Jul 26, 2010
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I received my FK2 after Deer Season last year and have been waiting to use it to field dress a deer since.
The wait is over!
Between all of us we shot 3 deer, the button buck ( me ) and 2 does for the crew. My 44 mag with the Silencerco Octane 45 on it did the job very well and the FK2 will still shave arm hair effortlessly after gutting all 3 of those deer.
I had to get used to the upswept tip on the FK2, it was weird after using a CRK Nyala for so many years but I found it to be very useful and REALLY like the design.
I don’t know or understand the technical details of just what Nathan does for his Delta protocol but I couldn’t be more impressed by it in this application. I already love my HDFK and MC for any excuse I find to use them and enjoyed the FK2 for making kindling and such but now I am moving this knife to the small group of knives that I’ll never part with and will pass on to my kids.


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Dec 30, 2005
We need the back story here. Looks like a legit, honest beauty mark... but I would hate for guys to assume it was out of negligence or something :( :D

no damage done but I was getting a downed tree off my neighbors driveway and the bar oil was empty. I couldn’t get it loose so I did a little prying.