Did Nano-Oil slow down spring assist on the Kershaw Dividend?

Jun 20, 2006
I bought my father a Kershaw Dividend for Father's Day and couldn't resist flicking it and then applying some Nano-Oil before I do some custom carving and glow-in-the-dark accents.

Thing is, it seems like it slowed down deployment a bit. In videos I have seen it's really packed with grease when you open it up, and it looks like a real PITA to take apart.

It still is centered, I haven't disassembled it, but when I apply the oil I always use canned air to blast it out the front and give the blade a wipe-down with whatever tiny bit of oil comes out (especially because this one is in D2).

Anyone ever experience this?


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Aug 29, 2019
I'm no expert but I have had several Speedsafe knives apart, including the Dividend. Two things come to mind for a slowed assist.

First is the pivot. Have you adjusted the tension? Also, how heavy is your nano oil? I prefer a lighter weight knife oil, especially for dropping down into things. Lubriplate FMO 350-AW has the right properties and is also non-toxic. It gets to where it needs to be and stays there. You can get it in reasonable sizes from Lubrikit, which sells it as a gun oil.

As far as the grease, it should be contained in the pocket behind the liner for the torsion bar. I suppose it's possible that some of the grease migrated during the canned air use. It's hard to say. Luckily, disassembly and maintenance aren't as bad as some people say. Just watch a video of someone doing it or take pictures as you go for your first time. Make sure everything looks okay with the torsion bar. Clean out any residual factory grease with 91% isopropyl alcohol. Then put a little fresh grease in that pocket for the torsion bar. White Lightning Crystal Grease is perfect for this and is also non-toxic. I heard about it from a Kershaw employee and have been using it ever since.