EDC - What's In Your Pocket(s)??? Part 2

Apr 6, 2016
Jun 27, 2007

Gotta say I'm very happy with my EDC currently, and have really tweaked everything to my liking.

Watch: Certina DS Diver. Had this for almost five years now, still not tired of it. Not as sexy as Rolex, but very reliable and practical watch for every situation.
Knife: Hiroaki Ohta FK5. This obviously rotates. The black sleeve is for the knife and is made by me.
Comb: Kent Slim Jim. Great comb for short beard and dense enough for mustache too.
Pen: Fisher Space Pen (raw brass). Not much of a writer-on-the-go, so that's why I like it compact. Bonus points for being able to write on uneven surfaces and in cold. Some note papers in the wallet.
Wallet: Pouch wallet I made. Takes cards, some cash, band-aid and few note papers. Takes stuff but is comfy in front pocket.
Keys: Just few keys and Japanese brass hook with no knick-knacks.
Torch: Forgot it from the pic although I don't really carry it during the summer. Anyways, it is Fenix PD25. Perfect size, powerful enough for outdoors too and tail switch is absolute must.

Sorry for the exhausting read! :D
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