EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

Aug 26, 2016
I am really liking the handling and balance, though I have not put it to any real use yet. I will today though. The 240 also has excellent balance and the steel has held an edge remarkably well. I expect the same of the 200. For the price, they all hit well above their weight. The 240 and the mini have been such a pleasure to use, I simply had to have the 200 and my first impression is that it is certainly as well made as the others. You can put these knives to hard use without any reservations about whether they can stand up to the punishment. Zero chipping or rolling. The 240 can be beat through small logs with a baton to make kindling and still shave arm hair afterwards. Being carbon steel, they respond well to most any sharpening medium (I like Arkies and oil for these). I really cannot say enough good stuff about them, really.

Thanks for the reply, sounds great!


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Aug 17, 2019
Dec 19, 2012
I picked this up at the Buck Custom Knife Shop over Christmas, a present to myself, in one of my alma mater's team colors. Buck 722 Spitfire, S35VN in NRA blue and Corvette yellow with a blue spacer and tumbled black hardware, aluminum framed. They offer about a dozen colors and you can build your own knife on their website. Reasonably priced in my opinion.

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