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EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

Jun 25, 2014
Ah, another warm and sunny spring da... :eek:



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Dec 27, 2014
As I've mentioned a couple times recently, the job I just finished yesterday has been kickin' my old a$$ to the extent that I've barely been able to manage any knife pics, get to my daily postings, or even keep up with things here. After like 10 hours sleep last night, a rest day before returning to clean up and get my gear home has already enabled me to catch up on the thread and execute a massive like fest. It's also influenced my choice of knives for the day, adding my 0801BW to the Shiro 111 I was gonna carry after seeing the Arsenal Show limited release of the latter over at USN. @wayben 's earlier post and JonesE JonesE showing off his newly acquired Rexford design reminded me how much I like mine and that got my favorite model ZT out of the drawer and along for the ride today, making this a kinda Thursday Black Friday carry with these two.



As a postscript, I would add that I've divested myself of most of the ZT's I've owned largely because my beat up old mitts have found many of them difficult to disengage. Another dislike has been their blades-as-billboard ethos--an unattractive feature along with their painted black with white ZT logo clips. I do love ZT blackwash finish, though, which helps disguise all the verbiage on the 0801's blade and the new powder-coated, deep carry MXG clip I added really complements the look of this very favorite knife. No offense intended to all of those here that love their ZT's--they're solidly built, good value knives and, as usual, to each his or her own and YMMV. ;)
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Jan 16, 2015
Still got that contented new knife feeling from yesterday. Went with the 0801BW again since it is such a good design. I can’t seem to leave leave it alone though and ordered some titanium hardware and new clip. Like ChazzyP, I dislike logos on the clips of my knives.