Everybody say hi to my mom!


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Mar 20, 2016
Thanks guys! You have made her day. She wanted me to post a reply for y'all

I'm sitting here in my little corner of the world, not actually realizing the heights that my son has reached. Your replies thanking me have filled me with such joy and pride. I did always see talent in him. And he has become a good man. But to me, he is my precious son.

Thank you so much!
Proud to be,
Nate's mom

This was so wonderful, made me tear up a bit TBT. I either read or heard something a while ago which I'm too forgetful to repeat verbatim but the gist of it was this: those who do not achieve their potential in life presumably because of self inflicted un forced errors, will scorn to see that better version of themselves who they could've been in their last days of their lives.

Nate's Mom, be very proud of your Son because I can't fathom that your Nathan would have to worry much or regret much with regards to the above. He's indeed a very good man.


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Dec 5, 2005
Hello, Mrs. Carothers!

I've been working with Nate- making some knife designs, helping out here and there with internet and marketing things- for several years now. The thing that impresses me the most about your son is his integrity and his empathy. He is a rare man in many regards, mostly for good, (although he is known around here as an 'Evil' genius).

He is an extraordinarily thoughtful and trustworthy guy, and I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to hitch my wagon to his horse. I expect that you have a lot to do with all that and I'd like for you to know- I don't say this lightly- that he is one of my best friends.

Your daughter in law is also delightful, as are your rapidly growing grand kids. I'm really so happy for your family in general!


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Aug 23, 2017
Hi Nate's mom! We love his knives around these parts. I'm setting aside mini collections to hand down to my boys. I know they'll last forever.
Jan 29, 2007
Hi Nate's mom! Just wanted to chime in along with all the other Nate-oholics here and express how much I love his knives! They're just about the only ones I use these days!
Feb 6, 2007
Hi Mrs. Carothers,

In addition to the admiration I have for the products created by your son is my appreciation of the community that he has created. The latter is by virtue of his personality, his values, his ability to express himself, and his insistence on a certain decorum -- I am confident that nature and nurture both played a role in this.

Warmest regards,



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Oct 9, 2016
Hello Mrs. Carothers,
Your Son's work is well known around the world.


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Jan 20, 2007
G’Day, Nathan’s Mom,

I guess you will have seen by now that your young Nathan is widely and deeply respected by a substantial and worldwide community of discerning knife buyers and users. And, of course, so are numerous other makers.

However, I have to add that in my estimation and I believe in that of many others, Nathan holds a unique position as the genuinely preeminent maker in the particular part of the field that he has chosen to work in. His profound knowledge, relentless pursuit of sound empirically based understanding of the product and the production methods and meticulous approach to realizing the fruits of those exercises mark him out from any of the other fine knife makers currently practicing. At least in my opinion.

He melds a blend of science, engineering, trade knowledge, experience, craftsmanship, scrupulous honesty, appropriate humility and artistic flair that appeals to me more than any other practitioner and is truly a credit to you, the rest of his family tree and all those he learned from along the way.

Good job and congratulations.
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