F-16 Specs And Pricing. . . . PLUS An Amazing Discount & Nuclear Option Coming Wed. June 17, 2020

Jerry Busse

Aug 20, 1999
Busse Combat F-16 Coming Wednesday June 17, 2020 at 9:00pm Eastern!!!
We anticipate 8-12 Weeks for delivery from time of order. You will not be charged until your F-16 is ready for shipment.

Listed below are the F-16 Specs, Pricing, and Pics!!!

F-16 Specs and Pricing:

Blade Length: Approx. 16"
Overall Length: Approx. 22 3/4"
Blade Width at Widest Point: Approx. 1.8"
Blade Thickness: Approx .210"
Steel: INFI
Hardness: 58-60 Rc
Bevel: Shallow Hollow
Finish: Coated or Competition Finish

Friends And Brothers Ultimate (FABU) Discount!!!:cool:
We consider all of you to be our "Friends And Brothers". As one of our Friends and Brothers you qualify for a sizeable discount on the First-Run F-16s!!! :eek::cool::thumbsup:

If you get in on the First-Run of the F-16 you will receive a $50.00 FABU discount on the coated F-16 and a $70.00 FABU discount on the competition finished F-16!!!:eek::eek::thumbsup:

There is no limit on the number of First-Run F-16s that you can purchase with this discount!!!

Base Price:
$697.00 Coated. $647.00 With FABU Discount!!! You save $50.00!!!
Competition Finish. $697.00 With FABU Discount!!! You save $70.00!!!

Blade Coating Options:
Muddy Brown
Hammered Silver
Desert Sage
Forest Green
Midnight Blue

Handle Options:
Black Canvas
Tan Canvas
Green Canvas
Maroon Canvas
Black G-10 +$65.00
Tan/Black G-10 +$90.00
Red/Black G-10 +$90.00
Blue/Black G-10 +$90.00
Green/Black G-10 +$90.00
Orange/Black G-10 +$90.00

The Nuclear Option is available on both coated and comp finished First-Run F-16s ONLY!!! :cool:

The Nuclear option is going to be VERY LIMITED and will only be available on a small number of First-Run F-16s. It will be discount priced at 50% off of what would normally be the regular price of $150.00 at ONLY $75.00!!! You'll save $75.00!!!

The Nuclear Option includes the blade being marked with the Busse Custom Shop logo, polished handle tubes, and with the handles being a blind grab bag of sorts.

You will receive one of the handles listed below with the caveat that you do not get to pick which one you get!!!! :eek::eek: You have NO CHOICE!:eek::D

You will get whatever you get by the blind luck of the draw!:eek: This is not for the faint of heart but rather for those bacon loving HOGs who do not fear the unknown!!! It is a veritable PORKpourri of oddball handle materials!!

Nobody likes whine with their bacon so we have implemented a "No returns/No whine clause"! There are no returns on the Nuclear Option and if you don't like what you get and complain about it on any social media, you will be banned from any and all future Nuclear Options!!!! . . . :eek:

So, you can either play it safe or you can go where no HOG has gone before. . . . PORKpourri and beyond!!!!! :eek:

We have dug through a mountain of handle materials, a number of which have never been used before, and we have found the following:

Nuclear Option Handles
[ ] Light Gray and Black G10
[ ] Dark Gray and Black G10
[ ] Solid Olive Green G10
[ ] Solid Red G10
[ ] Purple G10
[ ] Ivory G10
[ ] Black and Red Linen Micarta
[ ] Red Linen Micarta
[ ] Black Paper Micarta
[ ] Tiger Hide Linen Micarta
[ ] Tan, Green, and Black, Layered Canvas Micarta
[ ] Unknown? You never know what else we may come up with!!!

Let's Drink!:thumbsup:


F-16 with Comp finished blade shown below with Black Canvas Micarta Handles.

F-16 Comp Finish Close-up shown below.

F-16 Handle Shown Below.

F-16 Shown Below With Nuclear Meltdown Perimeter Rounding

F-16 Shown below with Midnight Blue coated Blade and Blue and Black G-10 Handles

F-16 Shown below with Black coated Blade and Blue and Black G-10 Handles



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Jul 28, 2014
Wowza. Comp looks awesome, and I can’t wait to hear about the nuke option!


Gold Member
Jul 1, 2019
I just saw the photos and the specs for the first time. Im blown away . Its a knife I cannot think of any practical use for personally but I want it badly. Ill find something to cut or chop. Needs!!!!
Jul 28, 2013
Pretty cool blade, but I’m saving for night vision. I wanna see some chopping videos though


Gold Member
Nov 23, 1999
I don’t know.... that price isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Hmmmm... only an inch shorter than a Waki.... hand -and-a-half grip... maybe green micarta on forest blade.... .... ..... :eek: