First sole authorship piece in a while

May 2, 2013
Due to life being, well, unpredictable... We have been unable to get much out of the shop since before Christmas. We just finished doing some minor repair and augmentation projects, but also just completed a customer's knife that was our first sole authorship piece in a while. Save the laser Engraving of out name on the spine by Tarheel State Firearms, the knife was done 100% in house. 15n20/1095 open twist pattern Damascus with a deep etch. Nice full flat grind with a distal taper to a thin and useful tip. The handles are cocobolo over G10 and stabilized maple. The pins are G10 with stabilized maple cores. There are hidden threadrod pins in pockets under the handles as is typical of our construction when we don't use any form of mechanical anchoring in the pins, like corbies or loveless bolts.
--I will add photos here later as they seem to be broken links at the moment. The knife is 99% done, but we don't oil and buff to a finish till it has been fit in the sheath. Just in case...

The sheath is being done as we speak. It will be a suede lined Kydex core under mahogany dyed Hermann Oak veg tan leather with multiple carry straps and a matching firesteel like the last CRKT Ringed Razel sheath we did. I'll add pics of that soon for example purposes and update this when it is done to show the whole package.

Thanks Matt for your patience and faith in me. Hope you are as thrilled with owning and using this piece as I am to show it off in (nearly) completed form.