Jul 17, 2005
Another +1 for Fenix.

I have a Fenix PD20 which replaces a P2D that I also loved but I wanted the newer model. It is mega bright and uses a CR123 battery. I use the light most days and the battery lasts 5 to 6 months. When I use it, friends are amazed at how it lights up a room.

I gave the P2D to a friend and he raves about it.
May 24, 2006
Hey Andrew, good to see another "Torontonian" here. I too use my PD20 or P2D daily. PD20 is always in sheath on belt and the P2D is my around the house light. I keep the P2D Q5 as my backup in my EDC bag.
I wanted to point out that a lot of people find CR123 batteries to be very expensive. If you buy them retail yes but there are online stores like BatteryBarn that cell their branded batteries, as well as other popular brands for under $2 each. I usually buy in groups of 10 or 20. They've got a 10yr shelf life so all you have to do when storing them is write the date of purchase on the bag or whatever you store them in as a rough estimate of shelf life.

The other option is buying RCR123s and a charger, then you're getting free lumens after just a few recharges. Just make sure they'll work with your light without damaging it or the batteries.