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folding knife for 8 year old

Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by ggroot30, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. ggroot30


    Jan 7, 2014
    Hello, I'm looking for a decent folding knife for my 8 year old son.

    He would like the knife to have a black blade and a colorful handle.

    I would like the blade to be no longer than 3 inches, have a locking mechanism (not line lock), have a plain edge, and be of decent quality.

    The benchmade mini-griptilian comes pretty close, but i'm not a big fan of the cheap plasticy feel of the handle and the expensive price point.

    Anyone have any ideas in the $50 - $60 range?

    Thanks much
  2. jc57

    jc57 Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 28, 2012
    "My First Opinel", though it doesn't come with a blackened blade. It is available in multiple handle colors, which are made of beechwood, and does lock using a locking ring. Also the price is nice - about $15.


    Dec 13, 2012
    Have you tried any of the smaller spydercos? The dragonfly may fit your criteria, but I've only ever priced the G-10 versions.
  4. Skimo


    Mar 28, 2009
    Yeah, Opinel is a pretty good choice, slices well, sharpens easily, available in Inox (stainless), you could probably have the blade coated, heck handle too for about your asking price.

    I had a Spyderco Sage in CF that had a darn good liner lock that I traded for another Benchmade, so I wouldn't rule them out if you know what to look for. Maybe keep an eye on the exchange for a used knife unless you're looking for only new knives. The lock preference also knocks out Kershaw.
  5. L.H.S

    L.H.S Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 1, 2013
    If you want a traditional with a black blade maybe the "eka Swede", but it has plastic handles. Or force a patina on one of the new gec linen micarta Bullnose knives. They are like $54, 3 inch blade, and very nice.
  6. Chris Larrikin

    Chris Larrikin

    Jul 19, 2012
    Have a look at the Svord Mini Peasant. Extremely simple, colourful, good blade steel and very easy to maintain. The blade is held open by friction when you grip it so it wont just fold shut (or you would have to do something pretty careless).
    The blade is easy to sharpen but they tend not to come scary sharp out of the box. Since they aren't stainless a little bit of care is required but it is so easy to do. A great lesson in taking care of your stuff.
  7. Slice-N-Dice


    Nov 2, 2012
    For an 8 year old.... how bout this !


    If he has experience with sharp knives and is responsible at 8, then the Ontario Rat 2 is a good choice.
  8. Peregrin

    Peregrin Traditional Forum Moderator Moderator Gold Member

    Sep 2, 2004
    Moving to General Discussion.
  9. Rsmith_77


    Jun 4, 2010
    why not a case copperlock?

    they meet all your criteria except for the black blade, but a variety of handle colors and choices. its a lockback. Blade is i think 2 1/2 inches for the smaller version and 3 for the big version. its about $50 and its a traditional

  10. mountainmist


    Jun 12, 2013
    Ka-Bar Dozier folder, they have options with black blades and easy to sharpen and best of all, $20!

    Good luck!
  11. billym


    Jan 8, 2006
    A KA-Bar Dozier mini folding hunter is close. to get a black on black you may need to buy two knives. One with a black handle and no coated blade and either orange or green handle with black coated blade. You still get two great quality knives for about $60 if you do this. Keep the extra one in your glovebox as a back up. or give the Mrs.
  12. Anything from Kershaw/Spyderco.

    The Chive and Scallion come to mind...

    And, are we sure that this person is not the same as the last one that asked about the knife for a 12 year old? Maybe the person starting these threads is a journalist, looking for material?
  13. Codger_64

    Codger_64 Moderator Moderator

    Oct 8, 2004
    For an eight year old I do not recommend an expensive knife. If a traditional two blade jack is out because it isn't "tactical" enough, I suggest a Schrade SP-3 or a Gerber LST. Both are good knives, Dupont Zytel handles, come in a variety of colors and some have the blackened blade feature. Best of all, if he keeps up with it and handles it responsibly, it can be an incentive to step up to a more expensive knife like a Spyderco.


  14. 22-rimfire

    22-rimfire Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 20, 2005
    The Spyderco Native is the one that comes to mind first. High quality knife and one that is managable for an 8-12 year old. Great knife for an adult too for that matter.

    The Kabar Dozier mentioned above is a good inexpensive choices as are the Ontario RAT 1 or RAT 2. The Dozier is offered in various colors but as mentioned, you have have trouble combining a black blade and a colorful handle.

    If it were my child and they didn't have much experience with knives, I'd get him a Victorinox swiss army knife. The generally don't have locks and some are liner locks. But still a good knife to learn with.
  15. twid


    Apr 7, 2009
    My son is 10 now but has had a Spyderco Dragonfly 2 since he was 8. He also has a collection of Spyderco ladybugs that he's accumulated since he was about 5. He always wanted a Paramilitary like mine and I told him when he was 10 he could have one. 10 came fast. I got him a digital camo Para 1 but he uses his leatherman squirt more than anything.
  16. AddictedToGear


    Aug 28, 2013
    Kershaw Leek, there are so many different models. Many have different color handles and blades.
  17. whitty

    whitty Dealer / Materials Provider Dealer / Materials Provider

    Aug 25, 2005
    Kershaw Scallion or Leek or possible something like a knock out or piston if you feel he is responsible enough. Kids love the flipper and AO but it can be a little much for them at that age. Another option is the Buck Vantage Force knives. They come with a variety of scales!
  18. R.c.s


    Dec 23, 2013
    I am a little saprized that you what a tack lock knife for your 8 year olds first knife . I would of said an sak would of been better . But thats only mo .
  19. tiguy7

    tiguy7 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 25, 2008
  20. Bob6794


    Apr 21, 2013
    Honestly I wouldn't get him a locking knife as he might develop a bad habit early on relying on it. Right now if you get him a slipjoint it will just collapse on him when he goes the wrong way and cut himself which in general is a band aid. With a locking knife if he manages to break the lock there is going to be a lot of pressure in it already and I can pretty much guarantee stitches, or worst case scenario a missing digit. And trust me you only have the knife collapse on your once or twice for you to fully understand and get the concept "I don't do THAT" with a knife. I know that is how it was with me and everyone else I talked to who started with a slipjoint. And this doesn't just go for kids, but adults too I have seen a lot of improper knife use from adults who never handled anything but a fixed blade or locking knife.

    Victorinox/Wenger AKA Swiss Army Knives AKA SAKs, makes some pretty good slipjoints in general your choice is red/black/silver minus a few which are colorful. My personal choice for an 8 year old would be an Victorinox Cadet, Recruit, Farmer, Camper. (I have held a Wenger, but never owned one. I just prefer Victorinox instead, but I have no issue with carrying a Wenger if given the option.)

    Just looked at the price range and a Spyderco slipjoint such as the UK Penknife or Spy DK would do good if they wanted more of a modern folder.

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