Found an old SAK, need help/more info

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  1. stane95


    Dec 29, 2020
    Hello, if I posted into wrong place, please move it/tell me where to move it.

    So. I found an old SAK knife that was in my grandfathers possession before he died. I dont know how how long he had it before that, all I do know is that he usually didnt buy crap and that he liked SAK knifes. The knife was boxed for about 5 years. I doubt he ordered Chinese one (idk if he even ordered anything online), but he was no stranger to "flee markets".

    Can anyone help me get more information on the knife? Is it fake? How old is it?
    By the looks only id say its a "Spartan" model. ~91mm, 2 layers. Logo is long gone, though there is evidence of it.
    SAKWiki Spartan:

    I more or less want to know if its a fake, or something I should not be throwing away. Everything else is a bonus :)
    Thank you in advance

    Images are in my Google drive:
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  2. lieferung

    lieferung Basic Member Basic Member

    May 24, 2016
    Flea* market, and your Google drive has restricted access. Also I suggest you use Imgur or Postimages for image hosting, Google Drive requires a Google account AFAIK and perhaps not all members have one.
  3. stane95


    Dec 29, 2020
    Thank you for telling me this. I have fixed the link, Google account shouldn't be needed to access the images.
  4. desmobob


    May 5, 2003
    It looks to be a legit Victorinox Spartan, which is a very handy multi-tool in my opinion. Add the fact that it belonged to your grandfather and it seems like something you'd want to keep!
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  5. paulhilborn

    paulhilborn Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 22, 2006
    Nice keepsake Spartan:cool: it's legit. Not sure of how old but more recent as it has the hole in the awl and a four turn corkscrew and Capital "V" in Victorinox. Just that it was your Grand dads makes it priceless:thumbsup:
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  6. stane95


    Dec 29, 2020
    Thank you for answers and explanations :) i was never going to throw it away, my wording was not the best. It will certainly stay with me. Next step: learning to take proper care for it :D
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  7. mushka


    Jun 27, 2018
    Best care for it would be to use it.
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