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FS: Cheburkov Bulldog, Olamic Busker, Fällkniven FH9BH, Editions G Eric Parmentier...

Discussion in 'Europe & Russia' started by Berengir, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. Berengir

    Berengir Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 26, 2019
    Decided it is time to thin out the collection.
    Non users or barely used knives have to go.
    Shipping from Europe, prices in $ and €.

    Cheburkov Bulldog Damast
    • Damast blade, titanium framelock
    • Runs on ball bearings
    • Factory edge, shaving sharp
    • Carried a handfull of times, never really used
    • Comes with original box and certificate
    SOLD excluding shipping from Belgium (Europe).

    Olamic Busker in Kinetic Sky
    • M390 blade
    • Titanium frontflipper on bearings
    • Has scratches and wearmarks on the scales
    • Resharpened edge
    • Comes with the original case, no box
    $ 340 / € 310 excluding shipping from Belgium (Europe).

    Editions G - Eric Parmentier
    • Backlock
    • Micarta handles
    • Niolox blade
    • Resharpened edge, came quite dull from the factory.
    • Carried a handfull of times, never really used.
    • Comes with leather sheeth and wallet, and certificate limited edition (300 pieces)
    SOLD excluding shipping from Belgium (Europe).

    Fällkniven FH9BH Black Hawk
    • Backlock, micarta handles
    • Factory edge, shaving sharp
    • Carried a handfull of times, never really use
    $ 190 / € 170 excluding shipping from Belgium (Europe).

    Lionsteel Roundhead Barlow
    • M390 blade
    • Grey titanium and ebony wood handles
    • Carried once or twice
    $ 120/ € 110 excluding shipping from Belgium (Europe).

    ANV knives Z300
    • D2 blade, partially serrated
    • Duralumin Framelock
    • Blade is not fully centered
    • Factory edge
    • Never carried
    $ 100 / € 90 excluding shipping from Belgium (Europe).

    Contact me for shipping prices: it's different for every country.
    Extra pictures available when requested.
    All knives come with the original boxes, unless stated otherwise.

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