FS: Rockstead Shin ZDP 189 SOLD

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Sep 23, 2016
For sale used Shin ZDP blade, carried and used to open packages nothing hardcore. The blade have few tiny microscopic scratches near the tip really need to look for it which is expected from normal use, otherwise the blade is excellent mirror no scratches. The aluminum handle have few nick and dent on the front the knife was accidentally dropped please see pictures. Action very smooth and flips very well. All the accessories included. I am not the original buyer so it may already been registered.
This knife is not a safe queen, if you going to use it as intended you will have scuffs and marks on the handle anyway. If you like just to look at your knife and put it back in safe, this is not knife for you. Fast shipping!

Price: $OLD Prompt shipping next day up on receiving the funds.
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