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Discussion in 'Evans Knife and Tool' started by Brian.Evans, Apr 1, 2017.

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  1. Brian.Evans

    Brian.Evans Registered Member

    Aug 20, 2011
    [UPDATE 7/14/2017 0900] Per Kevin, he's finishing up the knife in line before the Companions and the Companions should begin bevel cutting early next week. I am still waiting on a completion date. Hopefully will hear back sometime today. I will update tonight if I heard back or not.

    ***0917*** Once bevels begin, two weeks to machine the rest of the blade features, 2-5 weeks for heat treat depending on how busy the heat treater is, 2 weeks for sharpening once they are back from heat treat. The other components should be done by the time the blades are back from heat treat, so it will just be assembly at that point. So, that puts us around the middle of October for completion. I'd love to have these in everyone's hands by Halloween.

    [UPDATE 7/12/2017 1728]
    I will be getting a status from Kevin tomorrow, including an expected completion date.

    [UPDATE 7/6/2017 1323] I heard back from Kevin yesterday, but I was on a call and unable to update this thread. The Companions are up next. I can't go into exact details because it's not my place to discuss details, but I'm not the only one leaving previous shops and the exodus has put strain on this shop because of the influx of orders. I think everything is getting sorted out and marching in the right direction again. I will continue to provide updates as I get them. Let's get these knives done!!

    [UPDATE 7/5/2017 1025]
    I just send Kevin a text asking if the Companions would be running today. Will update again once I hear back from him. ****Thirty seconds later**** "No but they are right there waiting for the current job to be done." I've asked when that will be, more to follow once I get a reply.

    [UPDATE 6/30/2017 1343]
    All emails have been responded to and the thread is up and active. I think that's it. I will get with Kevin on Monday to verify that the knives are starting on Wednesday the 5th.

    [UPDATE 6/30/2017 1247]
    I texted the shop owner on the 16th for an update. He said:
    "Yes, I'm running them in tandem with 2 other blades. I had a slowdown with one of the blades but it should all be moving in about 1 week and hopefully to heat treat around first week in July. I just let everyone go today, power went out. It took me longer than expected to get moving on them. I had already had commitment for 8 different blades that need to be done for blade show. I expect to break into the machine to do the beveling in around a week. Then we will get the tumbling and outside milling done. I have the handle material except for carbon fiber will order that shortly. It will take about three weeks for heat treat. By the time they are back from heat treat I will have the handles, liners, and screws ready. So it's just sharpening and we are ready to go."

    I texted him on Tuesday, the 27th of June at 818 asking for another update, pictures and forward movement. He responded:
    "I'm set right now to get them rolling July 5th. The other blade I'm running them thru with is ready to go and I should have enough parts that we are currently making to get me by till I can reset up. The blades should go to heat treat around the third week of July. Sorry it's taken so long but it's just taking me to the extreme to get all new parts running to replace Bark River's work. Originally I though running the two blades together was a good idea to get your through faster but blade show screwed that up and I realized it too late. sorry about that."

    So, that is what I know. For fuck's sake guys, I know we are all pissed off about the delays and I know it's been a year and a half. I understand that everyone might think the worst about someone you've never met running off with your money. I've not used this money for personal bills, the wedding or anything else. By the way, we got married in my parent's living room surrounded by family with a potluck dinner afterwards. So not exactly an expensive day.

    I will continue to press for pictures. You're right, it doesn't take too long to take pictures with a smart phone. Except that I'm 11 hours south of the shop and I work full time so I can't really just pop over and say hello whenever I want. I can ask all I want, but if I don't get them my options are limited. On July 5th I will ask him for pictures. On July 6th I will ask for more pictures. I will try to get some.

    Yes, there have been delays. There are things going on with production in Escanaba that are shifting a lot of production to this shop away from their previous shops and that has appeared to create a bottleneck. This is bigger than just a couple guys sitting in a machine shop figuring out how we can screw over a bunch of people and take their money.

    I'm going to go back and read more comments then I'll edit this further. ***Four minutes later*** OK, I'm back. I will respond to anyone that emailed me after I get done with this. I will be creating a new thread for updates to addresses. I didn't have anything in place for this because I hadn't planned on it taking this long and without a decent process I have dropped that ball. I have two email addresses, Facebook (which works sporadically and I've stopped updating because they keep taking my "weapons page" down) and this thread. I need to consolidate because I'm obviously missing stuff. So, I will post a new thread for updating addresses.

    I 'm not going to just take off with everyone's money. The account is separate from my personal accounts and is even held at a different bank completely. I'm not going anywhere, I will follow this through to the messy and fucked up end.

    [UPDATE 5/31/2017 1256]I spoke with the shop yesterday. The bevel grinding mill has been busy, so no bevels ground yet. He is going to break into the machine cycle next week and get the Companion ground. The G-10 for the handles is in and on hand. We thought we had some carbon fiber drops sourced that would work, but they aren't high enough quality, so we're sending them back and buying different stuff.

    In other news, I received the refund from Mike Stewart! The run is solvent (barely) again, which is a big weight off my shoulders. See pictures below.

    [UPDATE 5/20/2017 2118]As of Thursday, and this is quoting from the text message from the shop: "Companions are ground to thickness just waiting for the machine to open up to mill the bevels on." So, progress! I have every hope that this will actually prove to be a successful shop. He also sent me a picture of the 3D printed knife they're working from, and it looks great. I will ask for a picture of the bevels in progress and post those up this coming week if I get them. Can they get the bevels ground by the end of next week? We'll see!

    Still no update on Mike and the $10,000. Not a peep. I have a bad feeling about this......

    [UPDATE 5/7/2017 1036]
    I spoke to the shop on Monday last week. He told me the knives were in the waterjet queue with a scheduled cut for Wednesday the 3rd. I will follow up with him on Monday morning. He seems to have his act together, so I'm still hopeful. I am still trying to pin down an exact production schedule. If I can get the shop on the phone I will press for one.

    I have sent Mike Stewart a demand letter for return of the deposit I sent him. I hope the check shows up. We'll see.

    I got a new job that is better hours and more home time, so hopefully that will help life. I also got married on Sunday, 4/30. Two great things that make my life better.

    I'm thinking on the numbered blades idea. I might consider it, but right now I'm hesitant to sink any more time or money into the Companion run until it starts showing signs of actually panning out. I'm being positive, but come's been over a year and I'm getting fed up with stuff just not fucking working like it is supposed to. Patience is all any of us can have. I'm running out of give a shit.

    As I said on 4/1, I'm not refunding any more orders. I can't or the whole run falls apart. If you want out, find someone to take your spot and we'll figure it out.

    That's all I have for right now.

    [UPDATE 4/13/2017 0857]
    The final numbers for this run have been sent and production will begin next week. The steel has arrived in the shop, so we can get started right away. I had to wait and see what taxes were going to look before I sent final numbers. Because there were no production costs to offset the "income" of the pre-sales, I only owed about $11,000 in taxes.........I will definitely be losing money on this run, or possibly barely breaking even. Evans Knife and Tool is done for the immediate future after this run. I can not refund any more knives guys. I'm already bringing about $6500 in my own money into this run to get it completed.

    I will get a firm production timeline next week when he looks over the numbers. It shouldn't take too long. I am going to ask for production pictures as well, so hopefully we can all see movement through the prodution pipeline.

    [UPDATE 4/1/2017 2235]All the refunds that will be processed have been processed this evening. I have refunded $6000 in the past couple weeks. Long story short, I'm not going to be able to do a second run any time in the near future. If you want one, now is the time to get one. I will likely end up losing money on this run due to the refunds. I can't refund any more knives or the entire run will be in jeopardy. Unless something drastic changes, I will be shutting the doors on Evans Knife and Tool after this run, at least for a few years. I won't take on debt to run the company, even with a good product.

    I will be sending the shop the final numbers on Monday morning and getting a better timeline on the run. Look for an update Monday or Tuesday if I have a chance, if not it will be later next week.

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  2. wming18


    Mar 6, 2017
    Hi Brian, I have moved since I ordered the knife. I have already emailed you regarding the change in address. But I haven't gotten a reply. Please get back to me on this.
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  3. Tommyd345


    Nov 12, 2015
    How do we go about getting one if we weren't on the original list?
  4. rich208


    Jan 9, 2016
    Same ? as Tommyd
  5. Hojo133


    Mar 9, 2012
    Refund received - sincerely hope to see the final product in the marketplace but life wouldn't allow me to wait any longer.
  6. Ilockemup


    Dec 2, 2016
    I would like a refund on my order also.
    I ordered directly from you and as everyone else, I want a refund of monies paid to you through Paypal.
    Please contact me A.S.A.P.

    John Figueroa
  7. joeldworkin307

    joeldworkin307 Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 2, 2012
    I'd be willing to buy his spot on this order if you can change the shipping info. Will email to see if this is possible.
  8. Barrettboy

    Barrettboy Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 20, 2016
    Brian, I think there'd be quite a few people out there who would want the extra spots (maybe they regret missing out on a previous run?). Perhaps you could put the word out?

    And what about everything else? Sure the blades are in the pipeline - but what about handles, sheaths, presentation boxes, etc? Are they all ready, or will that add to the timeline?

    I'm crossing all my fingers for you buddy.
  9. Jessiesurbuddie


    Dec 29, 2015
    Hey Brian, I am sorry to hear that people are wanting to back out after already sticking with you this long. I ain't going anywhere. Just a funny little idea...I am willing to donate 30$ as a gift to you, and I am sure others will too if you get the knives numbered 1/100 etc... I'd want to take shotgun on the no.1 since I opened my mouth. I hope the amount isn't insulting....I was just trying to think of what others would consider a fair donation and that wouldn't deter people considering to throw some more skin in the game!
    Let me know! DM if you'd like!
  10. Jessiesurbuddie


    Dec 29, 2015
    Actually...I take that back. I'd want the no.3 since it's my lucky number!!! Someone else can have 1 and 2!
  11. herisson

    herisson Apple slicing rocking chair dweller Platinum Member

    Mar 11, 2013
    I think this is a nice idea. Let's see what Brian thinks about it. Brian is a good guy and I am absolutely sorry he teamed up with the wrong partner. But I'm sure this will turn out well in the end. I trust this guy and he makes a fabulous knife. So, let's be proud : I'll take the numbered " 1 " of the new production to come and will donate 50 $.
  12. Jeff Anderson

    Jeff Anderson

    Apr 20, 2017
    Hey Brian, I really feel for you having to go through all this just to get a run of knives made. I'm staying with you my friend because I believe in you and the product. The money is already spent and there's no reason to back out now. I have also moved since the order was originally placed. How do I get that info to you?
  13. fshaw


    Sep 28, 2006

    I'm sorry that this run of knives has turned into such a bunch of headaches for you. I bought one of your first run knives and really like it. If you end up with any knives available for sale when this all shakes out I'd like to buy one. Best contact for me is PM here or [email protected].

    Best of luck on getting this done.

  14. cccmak126


    Apr 20, 2017

    I would also be interested in donating for numbered blades! I ordered 2 blades and I'm hanging in strong!

    Cory MaKarrall
    [email protected]
  15. Pdrush


    Mar 8, 2017
    Likewise. I've ordered one already, but would be a taker for 1-2 more if there are spares.

    Peter R
    [email protected]
  16. totkst1


    Oct 14, 2016
    If there is any open spots left or available knives after folks have backed out please let me know. I am in if I can get in but the order site from the other link won't let me support the campaign
  17. herisson

    herisson Apple slicing rocking chair dweller Platinum Member

    Mar 11, 2013
    By the way, if someone would really like a "1" blade, I could settle for the "55". No problem.
  18. dsanto22


    Oct 11, 2009
    I'm hanging in as well and looking forward to getting the knife. Might be interested in another if any extras.
  19. DRJames


    Mar 3, 2012
    I'm sticking around till the end as well - would also be interested in donating for numbered knives if that becomes an option. My preference would be for #7.
  20. coinbuysell

    coinbuysell Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 29, 2014
    Brian, I got one of the first run cf versions and have been pointing others to you but I have not been following this (and the other thread) but trusting Mike Stewart was a BAD idea. He has proven over the years that he is only in it for himself. Sorry to hear about all of the issues but let me know if you have a left over and I may be interested.

    Search BF (or pretty much any other knife forum) for Mike Stewart issues and you will be overwhelmed! I will take it as supporting you and NOT BRK.
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