Gossman knives & GST.

Mike Pierson

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Dec 22, 2017
Received the large Gossman Survival Tool, and Tusker Lite this week, last week a BOLO in S7.
Did not realize what I was missing out on until I started putting them to usage spitting up some fuel wood, peeling bark off of stumps I’m about to split, and generally field work.
More please! ;) 80BF3314-2ACB-4ED2-98F1-6FDD8A701D6C.jpeg B48AF8F8-E8F4-4A7C-89A6-95A192FEE626.jpeg
Jan 18, 2017
I absolutely love Scott's version of the bolo. It's not a MONSTER, but it can certainly chop and is versatile at 1/8" thickness. I haven't tried a BBT Light, but of the several large Gossmans I have (BBT 2.0, PFK, Kubo, Kubo II, 7", 8", and 9" BBTs), the Bolo is my personal favorite.

Mine's in A2, which I guess along with S7 has long been considered Scott's "signature" steel. He is a virtuoso at getting the most out of any steel though, it would seem. I think this is a product of lots of research, testing, and attention to detail. I'm not sure what his protocols and process are, but for sure he does a mean cryo quench.