Guardians of The Lambsfoot!

Discussion in 'Traditional Folders and Fixed Blades' started by Jack Black, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. SnackPack


    Nov 21, 2019
    @btb01 looks like we’re neighbors. An island on Minnetonka, must be a Mound guy... or near enough. We’re just up the road in Rogers.

    houses are right, you should see some of the ice ‘castles’ people up here have!
  2. Pàdruig

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    Dec 1, 2016
    Thank you, fellas!

  3. herder

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    Feb 24, 2007
    Had a good lunch and chat with btb01 on a sunny winter day. Great picture of the ice houses by the way. :)

    Two blade Lambfoot models are not very common. While I have shown this model in the past, I hadn't with both blades open.
    This is a mid 20th century stag handled model from Joseph Elliot of Sheffield.

    BF Lambfoot Joseph Elliot .jpg
  4. mitch4ging

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    Jun 16, 2015
    Thank you much, Ron! :):thumbsup:
    I did not mean to word it that way!:eek:o_O
    Thanks, John! It's a dandy!:cool::thumbsup:
    Very "Peas-ful""! :rolleyes::confused:, Sorry...had to do it!
    A little rough for me, I kinda like a nice day in a comfortable chair sitting on the band with a couple of cold beers! Those guys are tougher than me on that!
    Thanks, Dylan! It's a real workhorse!:):thumbsup:
    Very nice, great view all the way around!:cool::thumbsup:
    Such a shame, that's a good looking knife, hope you can find a satisfying solution!:thumbsup:
    Thank you very much for the kind words, Harvey! It's good to be heard from!:D:thumbsup:
    The Wolverine comes to mind! Great shot!:cool::thumbsup:
    Dang bloodsuckers!:mad:
    Hope your results all come back good! Just did the same thing this week...gotta watch my triglycerides :rolleyes:
    Sweet photo of your HHB, Jack!:cool::thumbsup:
    Terrific photo, Ron! Great looking Lambsfoot!:thumbsup:
    Well, that's handy, Willie!:D:thumbsup:
    Yum! Lambs like sandwiches!:cool:
    Hope the weather clears up for you, Jack!
    Just in case you can't, for your Viking entertainment pleasure:

    That's great to hear, John, hope you have a great visit!
    Stellar photo of your WCLF!:):thumbsup:
    Cool photo, Kevin! Looks like your HHB kept the Hazmat stuff in check!:cool::thumbsup:
    And a grand one it is, Bill!
    Sublime Set, Señor Harvey!:D:thumbsup:
    When we lived in the country, I'd shoot at least once a week, had a pond next to the house, we could set up targets and shoot pistols, or shoot skeet. Not so often now :(.
    Love the photo though, Jack!:):thumbsup: Gotta pick up a slingshot real soon!
    Nice photo, Dan.
    It looks deceitfully warm. May be a good indoor, fire burning, hot cocoa weekend!:thumbsup:
    Desert Lambsfoot prints in the snow! Cool shot!:cool::thumbsup: Love how both woods play off each other.

    A little "Wood and Steel"!
  5. cigarrodog

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    May 18, 2014
    Muchas Gracias, Señor Dennis. I found “Improper Dancing” quite proper. Added to my play list.
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    Sep 14, 2002
    Oh don't apologise Jack, I say eat pancakes whenever you like. Our colonial cousins certainly do :D:thumbsup: I don't for the sole reason that, in the wink of eye I'd run out of room on my favourite belt. :(

    Thank you. Lovely shot there. :thumbsup:

    Oh don't remind me. There used to be a great traditional ale pub in York called called the Minster Inn. Every Tuesday evening a horde of cyclists would descend on it for some meeting in one of the back rooms. They'd all stand at the bar and order pints of lime cordial or diet coke. :rolleyes:

    Well Ottawa looks nice; and it's great to see folk out enjoying themselves. I wish we had weather like that as we've loads of canals round where I live. :thumbsup:

    Those beaver tails look utterly delicious! But does that wonky calorie counter of yours even go up that high? :D

    Great pics! Weather like that is a distant memory over here.:(

    Your welcome.:thumbsup:

    Well I never knew that, thanks for lesson. :):thumbsup:

    Great pics John. Wherever the Welsh went, they ended up either mining or quarrying.

    I'll be looking forward to seeing the finished work. Lets hope it can be rescued.:thumbsup:

    Oh what a terrible overly-dramatic video Jack. I've regularly seen York flood waters higher that. If they have to film anything they should film downstream (eg, Bishopthorpe or Naburn locks) which I'm sure are genuinely more dramatic.

    What a very handsome knife. It's certainly a lot more elegant than my Wright's two-blade lambsfoot.:thumbsup:

    My apologies for the late acknowledgements; I found my internet had gone 'poof!' on Tuesday. :rolleyes:
    I've not been up to much anything recently so it's been my swayback horn that's barely left my pocket for the past 4 days. A recycle pic.

    I hope everyone has a nice weekend. :thumbsup:
  7. Wild Willie

    Wild Willie Basic Member Basic Member

    Mar 19, 2018
    Lambsfoot and lamb chops for breakfast!
  8. Half/Stop

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    Jul 25, 2014
    Thank you Dennis! :)
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  9. Wild Willie

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    Mar 19, 2018
    One of the handiest Dennis!
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  10. AnW

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    Jun 15, 2019
    Happy weekend Guardians! A beautiful, sunny day in store for me. Hope you all have the same.

    Haven't carried Black Beauty for a while (my wife's name for this knife:)) but it felt like that kinda morning.

  11. JohnDF

    JohnDF Gold Member Gold Member

    May 14, 2018
    Those two look amazing together. :cool::thumbsup:

    Love that picture. A very elegant looking knife. :cool::thumbsup:

    Good one, Dennis. :D

    It's so nice having them both home. :cool::thumbsup:

    Lovely Lamb, Dennis. :cool::thumbsup:

    That made me chuckle... :D:thumbsup:

    Are the Dwarves? :D

    Beautiful Horn Lamb. :cool::thumbsup:

    Very appropriate. :cool::thumbsup:

    Looks like a beautiful day, hope you enjoy it. :cool::thumbsup:
  12. JohnDF

    JohnDF Gold Member Gold Member

    May 14, 2018
    Good Morning Guardians
    Just imagine the bell tied around a Lamb. ;)
  13. Jack Black

    Jack Black Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 2, 2005
    Hopefully, Spring won't be long Dan, but I sure have enjoyed your winter wonderland Pics :) Thanks for the info too, very interesting :) :thumbsup:

    I remember you posting it Barrett, really interesting to see the difference :) I know those swedges make the blades a little harder to pinch, but personally I think it's worth that slight sacrifice. I was really pleased with the way they came out :thumbsup: That's great you and Eleanor were able to meet up with @herder, and I like that we have a gang of Minnesota Guardians, like our Texas posse! :D :cool: Great photographs my friend, that is some lovely Ironwood :) :thumbsup:

    If any of our newer Guardians aren't aware, Barrett kindly maintains a map of the international network of Guardians ;) See my link in post #1 :thumbsup:

    That's showing some great character Taylor :) :thumbsup:

    Fantastic red and black combo Dylan :) Go Thorns! ;) :thumbsup:

    That must have been nice my friend, wish I could have joined you :) Beautiful knife and photo :thumbsup:

    Thanks a lot Dennis :) I'm not sure exactly what is going on there, but that video is hilarious! :D :cool: :thumbsup:

    Sounds nice my friend, I do miss it :( Our gun laws weren't too bad at one time, now only the cops and criminals have them o_O Thanks again Dennis :) :thumbsup:

    Great pic, that patina is spectacular :cool: :thumbsup:

    I suspect I would too David! :D :thumbsup:

    The levels have not been too bad there, compared to in the past, Tadcaster too :thumbsup:

    Sorry to hear that mate, glad it appears to be sorted out now. That's a nice-looking knife :) :thumbsup:

    Good start to the day Willie :) There's quite a lot of cant on that Lambsfoot isn't there?

    A beauty indeed, and a nice photo of it :) :thumbsup:

    Thanks a lot guys, setting off for York early worked out pretty well. It's always one of the first places to flood here, but they are very well prepared for it, and really take high river levels in their stride. The river had been dropping for the past 24 hours, and the rain and wind held off until later in the morning. In fact the low sun was so bright over the river, that I had a job looking at it, let alone getting a decent photo, some of my pics look like they are taken at night! :eek:

    Here's the river a few weeks back...


    ...and from the same bridge today.





    I took this one on top of the sandbags!




  14. Jack Black

    Jack Black Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 2, 2005
    The Viking Festival seemed a bit low-key this year, compared to in the past, but the traders were located in one of York's many impressive buildings, the medieval Merchant Adventurers' Hall. Check out the pics on the website because mine turned out rubbish! :( Plenty of knives on sale, and some even looked to be of a higher standard than the ones usually sold at the event :rolleyes:









    Obligatory naughty Viking with phone pic :rolleyes:


    I didn't buy any knives, but I did pick up a few bits and pieces :) The fire steel throws some good sparks, after some of my previous purchases, I made sure I had a piece of flint in my pocket so I could check it in advance of buying it ;) :thumbsup:


    Hope everyone else is having a nice Saturday :thumbsup:
  15. waynorth

    waynorth Dealer / Materials Provider Dealer / Materials Provider

    Nov 19, 2005
    Jeepers, Jack!! It sure looks disastrous for those along the river!! A lot of basements/foundations full of water!!:eek::(
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  16. Jack Black

    Jack Black Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 2, 2005
    They are real old buildings there too Charlie, but York floods so frequently they are pretty used to it. That pub there is closed at the moment, but it has a submarine-type door they swing to, they even used to keep serving behind the bar! :D :thumbsup:
  17. Wild Willie

    Wild Willie Basic Member Basic Member

    Mar 19, 2018
    It was a pretty nice way to take nourishment Jack. I'd never cooked lamb before last night, but it turned out pretty good. It definitely has a pretty aggressive cant to it. Still a fine knife. As far as utility is concerned it's one of my favorites. Glad to hear you had a good time at the festival. That new fire steel looks good with your hhb.
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  18. Jack Black

    Jack Black Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 2, 2005
    When I was a kid, we were so poor that when we had lamb chops, there was only one, and they were tiny! :eek: Thank you my friend, I'm pretty pleased with the steel :) :thumbsup:
  19. JohnDF

    JohnDF Gold Member Gold Member

    May 14, 2018
    I think I'd have to move.

    Oh ya, I'd definitely move. :D

    That building is fabulous! :cool::thumbsup:
    Looks like a fun event. My Norwegian wife and kids would have loved it.
  20. Jack Black

    Jack Black Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 2, 2005
    I used to have a lot of friends from York - in Sheffield - they reckoned it was a great place to visit, but not a good place to live! :rolleyes:

    I think she would John, there were lots of Norwegians there :) :thumbsup:

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