Hogue Benchmade A. Purvis My Truck Needs ujoints Sale


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Oct 14, 2013
My truck needs repair more than I need these knives. No trades please but all prices are OBO and shipped to your door

Benchmade 940 - carried a little, a few small marks on the scales but the blade is still unscratched. No box.

Hogue Mini RSK Ritter - I just picked this up but it's just too small for me. I haven't even carried it. If you can wait a few days I will have a set of black hardware I bought before I got the knife and I would either install it or include it for an extra $10
It is the MINI Ritter, didn't realize how the picture made it look until just now.
Asking $125 as is or $135 with the all black

A. Purvis Progeny V2 - made by Bestech, titanium with m390. I have carried and used this and it's been sharpened. Some scratches on the blade and scales. Great flipper and a good user
Asking $175 OBO

I NEED these sold so don't be afraid to make an offer

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