how many do you "really" carry

May 9, 2010
Ok this may have been done before...but...

I have never found any "1" do all pocket knife yet...not for lack of trying (so the Wife says)

I find myself carrying two pocket knives most of the time (not counting the SAK keychain knife;) , a 3rd if I'm fishing...

how many of us really carry more then one knife at a time ?

the two I carry the most are a SAK tinker and a BM 672S Apparition (D2/G10) these two seem to handle most of my needs....

what 2 knives do YOU carry ?


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Nov 12, 2009
Hi cyclicedge -

Every day, really, I have a Vic Waiter, a Vic Rally and either a Kershaw Volt or A. G. Russell Acies.


best regards -

Apr 6, 2010
Usually a Benchmade 912, along with a Klein electrician's knife and a case toothpick as my two sheeple friendly knives.
Oct 16, 2007
Normally I carry 3 but if I am out in the woods it is 4 or maybe a small blade for a fifth.
Dec 20, 2004
I always carry a multitool plus a dedicated cutter (either a slipjoint, folder, small fixed blade).


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Feb 18, 2009
This has been discussed before, but what the hey....

My typical carry is 1 larger folder, 1 small, sheeple-friendly slipjoint, and a Leatherman Micra on my keychain. For example, here is today's totin' pair.....


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Feb 16, 2006
it depends entirely on how many pockets my outfit has. if I'm wearing my 5.11 tactical khakis and a guayabera shirt I'll carry around 12, maybe add one to my belt for emergencies. if I'm only wearing jogging shorts and a t-shirt, I'll usually wear suspenders under my t-shirt so I can carry 5-6 IWB without my pants falling down. it pays to be prepared.
Mar 22, 2005
I carried two knives to the Blade Show just so I'd have one to
give away if such an occasion arose. (it did)
Most of the time I carry just one.
If the correct knife is chosen, a person should be able to make it
thru the day w/o too much trouble. Naturally if you're in a spot where
a screwdriver is needed you may be sorry you didn't choose your SAK
that morning. That's usually the fault of Murphy's Law, not your selection.

Now if I'm outside I may slide ye olde SW7s switchit into back pocket to
have a one hander at my disposal.
Rest of the time one in the pocket is enough.

Now I've seen news stories where during some crisis someone yells out
"we need a knife! Anyone have a knife?" Usually one materializes in the
nick of time.
I don't think I ever heard of anyone exclaiming "no! not that kind.
That all you got?"
Also the possibility of the knife escalation syndrome must be considered.
If everyone starts toting two, then some will decide they must carry three.
Then it will be four, and so on.
This could eventually lead to a knife shortage w/the inevitable jump in prices.
So for the general good of the hobby, if you find yourself in a situation where
more than two toters are needed, just dial 911 and do your best until the
cavalry shows up. :eek:
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Aug 16, 2008
I never carry more than one knife on me but I always have a couple in my BOB and I keep a Becker Campanion in my truck.

I have a lot of knives but my method of choosing my EDC for a day is to have 3 or 4 on my night stand covered by a white towel that I choose from each morning. I move knives in and out of this nightstand bunch but not very often.

The past few months it's been an FG Manix 2 in CTS-XHP, a Sage 2 and a Gayle Bradley. Which gets the nod on any given day is just how I feel at the moment that I choose.

Monday I carried my Sage 2, yesterday it was the CTS Manix 2 and today I have the GB in my pocket.

Lucky me :)
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Sep 30, 2004
I carry 2 normally, sometimes 3.

1. slipjoint for light duty, food prep, using in front of women and sheeple. These are my manjewelry.
2. one-hand-opening locking folder. This is for most rough jobs while I'm at work, and for any potentially abusive tasks.
3. balisong. This one is a sometimes... Also falls into the manjewelry category, but also takes care of tough/big jobs, and sometimes food prep... really, this is the most versatile knife for me.
Aug 20, 2009
Usually I carry:
One hand 3" or sub knife, locking or non-locking. Current Spyderco UKPK (with current one hand Rotation: Spyderco Urba, Caly3, Delica 4 and Delica 4 FFG blue)

Sheathed custom friction folder with 2.2" wharncliff blade as more people friend knife.

Once I get my victorinox scales, I'll probably be carrying my pimped Vic Tinker.
May 9, 2010
38 would seem that MOST of us carry 1 med/lg single blade folder..

and one mutli/tool/knife/sak...etc...

as above...I have a small box on the key stand...and pick the other one knife of the day from I always carry the SAK....seem to need the tooth-pick alot.:D

but really........2-3 pocket knives seems to be what MOST of us carry...
the box....contents change alot too
and the bigger box that FEEDS the small never ends..
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Nov 7, 2005
I never carry more than one, except by accident. I do, however, keep one in my desk at work and usually one in my bag in case I forget to stick one in my pocket.

I can't really imagine any scenario where two different knives would offer me any real advantage, unless:

1) one was for lending out and one was for personal use. (i.e. if your knife is frequently borrowed by people who don't know what they're doing)


2) I had some compelling reason to carry a serrated knife. In that case I would probably carry a plain edge as well since I hate serrations for general use.


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Sep 17, 2007
One to two knives; usually one.
If I carry two, NEITHER are "sheeple friendly".:D
Feb 20, 2008
I carry one pocket knife on me every day. The knife changes up from day to day, but it's always one. There are a few gadgets on my keychain though.
Sep 4, 2009
I'm rarely without my pendleton mini or a Blind Horse on my belt. What is that BHK knife called again? This one:

Then a large utility folder and another large blade. Usually two knives, but quite often 3. I don't often find myself carrying more than 4 between my pockets and belt.