Introducing The Forsaken Steel Heart With Nano Fusion Handle.... Coming Wednesday, October 24, 2018

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    Aug 20, 1999
    The Forsaken Steel Heart.
    114 Years ago, (actually 26 years ago, it just feels longer ago than that) when we introduced the original Steel Heart, we had to decide between a very shallow drop point design and a pointier shallow straight clipped design. The steel being used on the Original Steel Heart was ATS-34 (Pre-INFI) and the nod went to the shallow drop point with a much wider tip to make up for the ATS-34 steel's lack of lateral strength. INFI was a major game-changer when we developed it more than 20 years ago and lateral strength was no longer an issue. INFI allows us to offer the other original clipped point blade design with the much pointier tip!

    We have now fused the straight clipped blade of "the Steel Heart that got away" (Forsaken) with the all new Nano Fusion handle! Couple this with the CBT (Corrugated Bevel Technology) and you are witnessing the birth of a new, soon to be legendary Busse Combat blade!!!

    What is the Nano Fusion Handle?
    Simply put, we took one of our most iconic large handles and saved the best parts (Overall shape, texturing, and length of grip range) and then modified the other parts to make it fit smaller blade profiles!!!!! :cool: :cool:

    Of course, by "smaller blade profiles" you must remember that you are still in the land of Busse Combat, and that is the land of giants. . . So, "smaller blade profiles" are still coming in at the 6 - 8" range!!! :eek::eek::eek::cool::D
    I handed the prototype handle around to the guys and girls in the shop and you could hear the tears of joy splashing against the tons of INFI shavings on the floor!!!. . . Yes, it is that nice!!!!

    Nuclear Option Forsaken Steel Heart

    The nuclear option Forsaken Steel Heart features a deep blade fuller along with a lightened handle which makes for a lighter and faster blade.
    Both are offered in a coated and competition finish. The competition finish have light machining marks. The Nuclear Option also sports the Busse Custom Shop logo.

    Pics are of prototypes and production models may vary slightly. We have added a hand-shaped handle option below.

    Let's Drink!!!

    Jerry :D

    Forsaken Steel Heart Specs:
    Over All Length: Approx. 13 3/4"
    Blade Length: Approx. 8"
    Thickness: Approx. .210"
    Steel: INFI
    Finish: Competition Finish or coated
    Bevel: Corrugated Bevel Tech (CBT)
    Hardness: 58-60 Rc

    Forsaken Steel Heart Base Price (Coated): $387.00
    Competition Finish: + $40.00

    Nuclear Option:
    Forsaken Steel Heart Base Price (Coated): + $110.00 = $497.00
    Competition Finish: + $40.00

    Blade Coating Options:
    Muddy Brown
    Hammered Silver
    Desert Sage
    Forest Green
    Midnight Blue
    Desert Bronze
    Shadow Camo + $35.00

    Handle Options:
    Hand-Shaped, Smooth Handles:
    Machined: No Charge
    Black Canvas (Included)
    Tan Canvas (Included)
    Green Canvas (Included)
    Maroon Canvas (Included)
    Black G-10 +$45.00
    Tan/Black G-10 +$70.00
    Red/Black G-10 +$70.00
    Blue/Black G-10 +$70.00
    Green/Black G-10 +$70.00
    Orange/Black G-10 +$70.00

    Forsaken Steel Heart With Nuclear Option and Competition Finish (Shown Below)

    Forsaken Steel Heart With Urban Shadow Camo (Shown Below)


    Standard Fusion Handle With Tan Micarta Vs. Nano Fusion Handle With Black G10 (Shown Below)


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    Feb 1, 2011
  3. TheGrownUpKid

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    Jul 2, 2013
  4. Daniel Halcomb

    Daniel Halcomb

    Sep 26, 2015
    Yess! Perfect.
  5. TommyGun56

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    Jul 29, 2014
    No Guard on the top equals Win Win:thumbsup: I will take 2 Please;)
    Are the handles milled out, same as the TGLB on the Nuclear Option Forsaken Steel Heart Model?
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  6. Hard Knocks

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    Oct 1, 2012
    Dang those look good!
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  7. ikkyo


    Mar 19, 2007
    love. perfection. need.
  8. u812

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    Mar 15, 2002
    I know these are protos but I hope the non nuke has the same choil as the nuke version. Think I will go for the Non nuke on this one. Just got to decide on G10 color. Thinking black G10 on this if it is as black as it looks in that pic.
  9. u812

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    Mar 15, 2002
    Yeah,non nuke,comp finish with black G10 = pure class!
  10. duramax

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    Nov 29, 2012
    OMG !!!!!!!!

    Decisions Decisions !!!! 2,4,,6,..... Lol
    Definitely need two :)
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    Sep 5, 2009
  12. Jagamov


    Aug 19, 2018
    Very the Nuke! I’m in.
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  13. zmbhntr

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    Jul 28, 2014
    I have the feeling that this will feel great in hand. I thought the DS8 couldn’t be beat in the 8” blade category, but I’ll have to get one of these and test that theory out.

    This is the first time that I’m not sure the nuke version is worth the added cost. I’ll have to give this some thought.
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  14. argyle1812

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    Mar 6, 2016
    Any chance of a Battle Grade version?
  15. Blueoak


    May 12, 2015
  16. Private Klink

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    May 30, 2017
    :eek: VERY NICE!!!:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  17. DamascusBowie

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    Sep 20, 2016
    Hand shaped scales would be perfect on this one, then would perfectly match the forsaken battle mistress and Id have no choice.
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  18. lozdesign7


    Mar 19, 2011
    Very Awesome.

  19. Private Klink

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    May 30, 2017
    I see a coated version in my future!:D:thumbsup:
  20. mpjustin

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    Sep 5, 2009
    I also would love hand shaped for the perfect match

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