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Discussion in 'Ontario Knife Company' started by Brent F, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. Brent F

    Brent F

    Aug 26, 2017
    Just seen an ad for the Journeyman fixed blade. Really like the sheepsfoot blade. Looks to be a handy size, love the looks. Why the teeth on the spine? They look too aggressive to be of any practical use. If they didn't have the Rambo style teeth, I would have ordered 1, possibly 2.
  2. spike116


    Aug 4, 2008
    I can't find the other thread on this knife. I just got one.
    I don't care for the teeth but they do not bother me.
    It took a great edge with very little work.
    The sheath is horrible, mine does fit but just barely.
    I had to remove the bottom keeper strap just to be able to get the knife in and out without a major struggle.
    The top strap is barely long enough to get snapped. It is also set up left handed if you ask me. If carried on your right side, when drawn the edge would be facing you.

    I dabble in leather so when I get time I will make a different sheath.
    I would recommend it though. it is a stout knife and I will probably get another one.
    I am going to keep these in the trucks.

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