Just a Thought

Dec 9, 2001
After reading the justifiable concern on CJ's part about professional courtesy and postings on "Urban Jungle", I find myself siding with Chris / Andy.

This forum is specifically CJ's and is meant to accomplish what Andy described so nicely (Good Verbal Judo there, Andy!).

It can become confusing if other instructors / courses / trains of thought are posted on "Urban Jungle". Plus, after awhile it becomes less interesting for someone in CJ's position to respond if the forum appears to have become wide open to any and everyone. I also sense having other instructors/courses/lines of thought appear on the "Urban Jungle" could be construed by someone as an endorsement by CJ...which it very well may NOT be.


At my end I'll post "everything else" on Practical Tactical which is a wide open, free style forum. If there's something I wish to query CJ about (or Andy), or if there's something on Urban Jungle I feel qualified to comment on that's been posted by someone else seeking CJ's input, I'll pop my thoughts onto this forum.

It's CJ's corner of the street and I don't have a problem respecting his turf one bit:D

Nov 2, 1999
Thanks for your remarks here GW.

BTW...I did get your e-mail and I will be responding as soon as I get back from Benning...down here on Tomahawk biz! :D

I look forward to corresponding with you offline regarding some of the content of your e-mail.