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Kershaw Dash / H&K Conspiracy


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Dec 3, 2013
SOLD Just got these about a week ago, but i almost got enough for my custom BM Ive been wanting, so im speeding the funds along. And the H&K is way bigger then i expected for these little hands.

1)The kershaw dash is in green, it locks up great, centered (comes uncentered after a while and pivot needs retightened. Im sure locktight would fix that problem). Has box, papers, has been used and sharpened by previous owner. It's still in excellent shape though.

2)H&K Conspiracy folder, black blade, has some marks/scratches on the blade coating and ti lockside. Locks up great, centered, has box, papers. Its in really great shape as well. Has been used and sharpened also.

The guy i jusy got them from obviously took great care of his knives. The pics do a good job at showing the scratches, lockup, centering, etc.
Asking $40 each (pp fees and priority shipping on me, you just pay $40) Conus
Or i will take $70 for both of them.
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