Kizer Lieb All Black

Aug 19, 2020

I recently received this knife from Blade HQ and overall I'm satisfied with it. It has one of the best actions for a knife riding on washers that I've handled. However, the black coating on the blade wasn't what I was expecting. I have a picture below from Blade HQ which shows the knife having a clean black finish. Mine is more of a working finish. Below the Blade HQ picture is a picture of the same model at Knife Center. You can clearly see that it's a working finish. It looks like mine is in between but if it wasn't for Knife Center I would either think my knife had been used or that it didn't get coated properly. Does anybody know if it's possible to get a clean black like in the Blade HQ picture or is this the only all black model for the Lieb? Thanks


Nov 5, 2015
This version of the Lieb (V2541N5) has a "black wash" finish (stonewashed after coating). The pics don't always show this clearly (depending of light conditions). So the pics from Knife Center are showing the finish correctly.