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Knife scales questions for the masters


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Mar 4, 2009
Oh esteemed Blade Forums craftsmen (and women) I need some guidance.

I gave my dad an Al Mar folding knife some 20 years ago. It had rubber scales which ultimately delaminated and fell off after many years of carry. He purchased some dark wood (type unknown to me) to replace them with. He was not able to craft them and asked me to have a go in my woodshop. I don't really have the right tools for the job, but have managed to get them mostly ready to go on the knife. I left about an eighth inch all the way around with the intention of finishing the sanding to flush after attaching them to the knife. I have 3 core questing for the professionals, in order to finish the task.

1) should I leave the extra as planned, or try to get them exact before I attach?

2) I had to remove the lanyard tube as it was peened and I couldn't work with it in the way. Where can I get a small piece to replace it?

3) what kind of glue/epoxy should I use to secure the scales to the knife body?

If there are other thoughts/suggestions on the remaining work, I am open to guidance as this isn't my forte. I will get some pictures added to aid your thought process shortly.

Thanks in advance for your guidance!


Bill DeShivs

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Jun 6, 2000
Leave extra and sand flush after affixing the handles.
Brass tubing is available at most hobby shops.
Can you post pictures of the wood? Some woods are oily and do not affix well with glue.

Drew Riley

Riley Knife and Tool
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Oct 17, 2007
You should be able to find tubing on Amazon, or any knife making supply.

G-flex epoxy is about as good as it gets for gluing handle scales.