Massive Ordinance American Bowie - a knife whose time is now

Discussion in 'Busse Combat Knives' started by DamascusBowie, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. DamascusBowie

    DamascusBowie Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 20, 2016
    Now thats something I hadn't thought of but is a great idea, I love the handle feel and look on my battle shark.

    Although this is also very true, and this is why Im glad that Jerry has to hammer out all these details and ideas.

    I even thought of a res c option, or even res c scales, so clearly Im out of gas and need to drink more or consult more inebriated hogs for ideas.
  2. clampdaddy

    clampdaddy Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 31, 2013
    I love the fusion handle too but to me for a knife to carry Jim Bowie's legendary name, it gotsta have a traditional Bowie handle.
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    Nov 3, 2010
    Yep! ...w/ fusion handle.
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  4. RedbeAR15

    RedbeAR15 Platinum Plucker Platinum Member

    Sep 29, 2008
    Maybe a Coffin Fusion Handle so we can double fist that beast if we need to
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  5. nemesis


    Nov 5, 2005
    Another vote for the fusion handle. I'm torn on infi or sr101 though
  6. PeteyTwoPointOne

    PeteyTwoPointOne Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Jun 10, 2014
    IMHO, the triangular-like handles like on the HG55 and BattleShark are seriously UNDERRATED!

    When correctly dimensioned <like on the 55 & Shark :D> and paired with a forward guard or quillions they are the most ergonomic handles I've used.

    The very way they are shaped make them supremely easy and intuitive to index. Your hand just "finds" the sweet spot instinctively on these type handles.

    The shape also makes them a joy to draw from a sheath and they're very serviceable for chopping.

    A proper Coffin Handled Bowie is a very highly refined design evolved from years of finding out what "works" in actual usage-- oftentimes from true survival of the fittest encounters with the grimmest of consequences for anyone unlucky enough to find themselves on the wrong end of a Bowie...even Charles Darwin himself would likely be impressed with the Bowie's bloodlines and evolution.

    Most of you Hogs are familiar with Bill Bagwell-- a real class act-- and if any of this intrigues you, I suggest you read his books on Bowie Knives. Heck, he's even got youtube videos. Check em out-- time well spent! :thumbsup:

    A new Jerry Busse rendition on Col. Bowie's classic would be the bee's knees AFAIC.

    I'd be in for one user and one pre-need replacement <aka safe queen>, at least.

    But please include a coffin-shaped handle, some sort of forward guard, and a sharpened <or sharpen-able> top swedge.
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  7. DamascusBowie

    DamascusBowie Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 20, 2016
    Wow. Thanks for this great contribution. This is growing some serious legs now. I knew I loved my battle shark handle but I thought I just liked the cool shape, but what you said rings absolutely true, it doesnt just look damn nice, it feels and handles superbly as well. May be overkill but I thought I might like a skullcrusher on it as well.

    I love the Bowie design and history, and am a huge admirer of the great American hero Jim Bowie, so I'm all for keeping those key original touches on the Massive Ordinance American Bowie.
  8. PeteyTwoPointOne

    PeteyTwoPointOne Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Jun 10, 2014
    Here's my two Ontario Bagwell Masters Series "Hell's Belle" and "Gambler"

    Note the Spanish notch and the prominent quillions on the Belle...both Bagwells feature sharpened swedges also. Very crucial to the "back cut" Bagwell teaches. BTW, the handle tacks are way more comfortable than what they'd appear to be. ;)

    I also like the obvious lack of belly on these knives...think about how many "Bowies" you've seen/handled with outlandishly large bellies...they look cool, but you'd have your arm cut off at the elbow before you could slap leather against Bagwell and one of his Bowies in a duel.

    Both of the Bagwells are unbelieveable light and agile in hand. The sheaths are also nice because they allow a lot of versatility and comfort in carry options.

    Again, I can't stress how much you need to learn from Bill Bagwell and his philosophy of use and practice of the Bowie if you are even REMOTELY interested in fighting knives! ENJOY!!! :):thumbsup::D

  9. DamascusBowie

    DamascusBowie Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 20, 2016
    Great examples of classic Bowies and their combat application, thank you.
  10. clampdaddy

    clampdaddy Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 31, 2013
    I also like that the straight coffin handle is neutral. It works just as well no matter which why you are gripping the handle. You can hold it with a regular forward or reverse grip, with the edge up or down. Doesn't matter. Should you drop it in a scuffle, no matter which way you pick it up it's ready for action without having to readjust. That it the one thing I don't like about the fusion grip on a fighter. And though I have no plans on ever getting in a knife fight, a true Bowie is a fighter. Born and bred.
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  11. clampdaddy

    clampdaddy Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 31, 2013
    And since we're making up our wish list, I'm going to add a request for a slightly modified Spanish notch that can double as a bottle opener. Really, what would be a cooler way to pop the top off a beer than with a big Busse Bowie knife?
  12. Tom Kanik

    Tom Kanik

    Mar 18, 2003
    A Battle Pappy with a FULL tang and coffin-shaped handle is the way to go!
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  13. Ladams19

    Ladams19 Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 7, 2015
    Busse and Bowie, Im in for more than likely two
  14. evltcat

    evltcat Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 7, 2011
    That's a great idea Tom!:thumbsup::thumbsup:
    Gimme one in satin please Bossman!!!!
  15. cisco2


    Jun 22, 2010
    Sounds great to me !!! Just need mine in BG SR-101...a beast like that in INFI would be out of my price range.
  16. DamascusBowie

    DamascusBowie Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 20, 2016
    Here's to Jerry on a break from knifemaking, taking a sip of the good stuff and perusing his thread, periodically rubbing his chin and nodding his head, a gleam in his eye steadily growing stronger...
  17. tinfoil hat timmy

    tinfoil hat timmy Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 21, 2014
    I'd likely need to sell a foot (12"+) of my body to afford this.

    Still. Make sure there's CBT and I'm in.
  18. DamascusBowie

    DamascusBowie Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 20, 2016
    We're talking about 20+ inches of knife, still one heck of a bargain.
  19. hydeinmind

    hydeinmind Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 30, 2015
    ^ would love a full tang battle pappy! I'll take a second mortgage out on my house to get a couple of those if they're ever released.
  20. Lapedog


    Dec 7, 2016
    Neato-o, but have you heard of the Russian FOAB.

    Makes the IS's MOAB look like a cherry bomb.

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