May 2020 Behring made technicals and Treeman combat and two GSO blades blades

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Jan 28, 2008
please read before posting I'll take it:
Treeman combat and Behring technical series are excellent survival/combat blades made of 01 tool steel. I have collected these for years but it is time to part with them for financial reasons. the knives all come with their respective sheaths and are all new and unused. Treeman and Behring have discontinued their combat and technical lines and will no longer be made and will become more scarce as they are bought up. I am pricing these as they were from the factory. Shipping which is usually around $14.00 is included in the price.
Price includes USPS shipping to CONUS, All knives are new from treeman and Behring in the sheath "kydex, spec ops or leather. There are no refunds, so please ask questions before you say you'll take it. If you say you'll take it, please be prepared to follow through within 24 hours of commitment. first I'll take it gets it, so if your making offers and someone says I'll take it, they get it. Price includes paypal fee of 3.5%. no out of country paypal accts accepted. I retain the option of not selling to individuals at my discretion.

Combat Bowie
Mosher custom made sheath, desert tan blade with multicolor g10/ wood handles custom made with no skull crusher $560
DSCI2791 by Frank Moore, on Flickr
Combat Daggers
1. 6" desert tan with multicolor blade $465
2. 8" jungle green with green and black canvas handles $495
20190618_123312 by Frank Moore, on Flickr

1. The beast, "Tom brown tracker design" od green with black G10 and custom mosher leather sheath $470
Untitled by Frank Moore, on Flickr
1. BEhring made Bushido patriot brown blade and black canvas $465
2. green canvas with green cerecoat $465
20190618_122022 by Frank Moore, on Flickr
1. F1 combat bowie with black G10 and fde cerecoat $465
2. F1 combat bowie with green g10 and green cerecoat $465
20190618_122108 by Frank Moore, on Flickr
1. Wraith covert fighter special $40 Bridger style handles with green cerecoat $445 sold to Chris G
2. Valkyrie Green canvas with green blade $ not for sale
3. Valkyrie black canvas with fde blade $460
20190618_122251 by Frank Moore, on Flickr
1. Lightening fighter Green canvas on green cerecoat blade $485
2. Lightening fighter with gun blued blade and black canvas $470
3. Lightening fighter with special Bridger style handles and green cerecoated blade not for sale
20190618_122159 by Frank Moore, on Flickr
both GSOs are gone
10.0 multicolor canvas 10" blade NIB with kydex green sheath $SOLD
7.7 discontinued 3/4 swedged design with green kydex sheath $Sold
Blades by Frank Moore, on Flickr
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Feb 7, 2015

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