Michigan Banning all Lockbacks

Aug 13, 2003
The Detroit Police Department requested this? Probably some administrator there did this. DPD does NOT have the time to even enforce this law if it came into exsistence. Plus if there was some sort of local problem, then the City of Detroit could pass a city oridinance.

Apparently someone has way to much time on their hands. DPD is currently under DOJ monitoring for failing to comply with several minimal requirements and procedures for a city having a Police Department. IIRC, on their last report they made progress in one of 56 essential areas for required improvement over a year period of time. Translation, no progress at all.

Someone actaully has time there for this? What a joke.
Jan 27, 2002
You know, I lived in Michigan for more years than I care to remember, and I think its sad that Detroit keeps screwing over the rest of the state. That town is a pox on the rest of the state and should just be cut out of the state. But, as for bills like this, the cops will keep the requests coming, no doubt.

Hey, I've got an idea! Why not just coat the world in NERF and sue God over the fact that we don't have claws naturally.

Thanks again, oh wonderful Michigan.


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