Mini-Presidio, CF-Elite

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  1. TiCKed


    Sep 29, 2020
    Mini-Presidio II, CF-Elite

    I think I found the knife that fits my hand perfectly! (Pardon the long and winding post). ;)

    I wanted something between the Mini-Grip and full sized Grip. I like the Axis lock….But while my Mini-Grip is a great size to carry, it feels just a little short in hand...and the full sized Grip feels a little large in the hand, and is too big for carry for my purposes, (I actually have the Hogue/Ritter full sized). Bugout feels too thin. Osborne 940 a bit too small around. My other non-BM knives seem to have varying levels of “goodness” in the hand, as well. But nothing “perfect”.

    I’ve been considering either a customized Mini-Crooked River, (to get rid of the orange, and maybe go G-10), or the Mini-Presidio II. On paper, the Mini-Presidio SOUNDED about right, but I didn’t want to mail-order one, only to find out it just didn’t quite work either. So I wandered down to my local Benchmade dealer to check one out, hoping they actually carried them. It’s sometimes hit-and-miss finding what you WANT to look at, even at licensed local dealers.

    Sure enough, they not only had the newer CF-Elite version, but also the original, and discontinued, aluminum. I considered the aluminum…but they were bit more than I wanted to spend…and heavy. But the CF-Elite handle actually feels really good, and was what I was looking for to begin with.

    (Only the second time at this dealer, and they do carry essentially a full line of Benchmade and SOG…and sell under full MSRP(!). All American Military Surplus in Fullerton, CA, if you are in the area).

    So, what do I think? Oh, yeah. I could be a hand model for this knife. ;)

    Random Thoughts:

    1) My first Black Class Benchmade, and it seems far better out of the box than my other BM purchases. Is quality control better? Small batches of production produce better product? My Mini-Grip required a few days of break in to work through the lock-stick, and my Bugout was a nightmare, requiring a full disassembly to get it right. My 940 was better…but was an REI exclusive, so that might explain it(?) The Mini Presidio? Fantastic on the first deployment. Lock stick worked out by the 3rd deployment. Perfectly centered, rock solid lockup. I couldn’t dream of much better.

    2) Maybe my imagination, but the satin finish on the blade just seems more refined than the Mini-Grip or 940. The grind lines are not visible on the primary bevel and swedge. Looks really nice.

    3) I paid $130, which is a bit more than the online retailers…but the price you pay for buying local. But even at that, it seems like a really, really good price for a knife of this size and quality. Heck, the CF-Elite Bugout goes for $145 online. Little or no “Butterfly Tax”??

    4) And I can’t express enough how “right” this feels in my hand. The right handle length, the right diameter, the right finger positions. Obviously, that is a purely personal experience, and the same knife might feel completely “wrong” to someone else. But it’s great to finally find that feeling…and have a list of measurements to use going forward.

    My new favorite knife!
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  2. pholder


    Feb 16, 2005
    Absolutely correct my friend, a perfect fit for most of the same reasons. blade centering is off because the blade stock is bent, first production, not hitting anything I am o.k with that. I hear the aluminum ones were-are pocket eaters. Glad you like, enjoy.
    Thanks for listening,Troy
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  3. Scott321


    Jul 20, 2016
    I think I like my Mini Presidio (575) better than my FS (570)... although I still like the older 520 version (FS). I don't think the aluminum version of the newer Presidio's wears pockets, but I could totally see it on the older 520 and 525.
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