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Modded production VS higher end


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Feb 28, 2015
Hello all,

Working from home has had the added benefit of shopping for knives aimlessly while staff calls unrelated to me and my job are going on. I routinely browse the popular website to see whats new and costs. During todays call, I was on BladeHQ and started thinking...which would you prefer, a modded production knife VS higher end knife.

All prices in this comparison are coming from BladeHQ for this example, and will be rounded for ease of addition. Also, I am aware some of the items are not in-stock, but let's pretend they are. There is no right or wrong, I am just curious what the BladeForums members would choose.

Option 1) Modded production
  • Para 3 in S110v - $180
  • Flytanium scales - $60-$75 (depending on material)
  • Flytanium lanyard hole plug - $20
  • Lynch pocket clip - $20
Total - $280 - $295

Option 2) Higher end
  • Any other knife, unmodded, for around $300

Obviously, this is assuming you like the Para 3, but this comparison an be done with any knife that has aftermarket support.

In the past, I would have instantly chose the 2nd option (Example, small Chris Reeve Inkosi is $375), but now, given all the aftermarket support, I can have a Spyderco in premium steel, and materials that I want. Obviously warranty can be affected due to mods, but thats also part of the equation.

Would love to hear what you guys think!
May 30, 2014
I say make the custom knife. It looks to me as if you already know what you want due it being listed and priced out. You're willing and able to do it price wise. Go for it!

Here is a PM 2 in M390, contoured carbon fiber, purple fly ti hardware, and ti clip. Sure there are many like it, but this one is mine.


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Apr 9, 2020
20200930_102223~3_resize_27.jpg Try modding, my guy. You'll like it. Make it yours!

EDIT: In regards to warranties, I've never needed a Spyderco warrantied honestly. Spyderco isn't going to do much that I can't do myself. CRK's warranty is a completely different animal, though.
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Nov 6, 2017
For me it's a hard call, but I would lean towards just getting a non-modded higher end knife rather than modding a less expensive knife, presuming I like them both equally in the end. I would prefer to not void the warranty, have a better resell, etc. over it being unique, but I wouldn't fault anyone for having the opposite opinion.
If you haven't handled/used the higher end knife and just LOVE the Para 3 though, then I say go for the para 3. I've fallen in love with a knife then bought scales that cost as much as the original knife itself to upgrade the handle before with no regrets (going from frn->micarta). It brought me more joy than spending that amount on a new acquisition that I'm not 100% sure I'll like as much. That was done at two separate points so it was spread out though, so that is a little different than just buying it to mod it all in one go.


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Aug 21, 2013

I don't like G-10. I love all of these, and with the exception of the Yojimbo 2, the mods were worth it. The Yojimbo scaled do not fit correctly, gonna get new ones.

The Manix 2 is a CTS-XHP Sprint. With the price of the knife, plus the scales, plus the clip, it's in Sebenza territory easily.

However it's a fantastic, super ergonomic, ambidextrous knife with a steel that is probably my favorite. The scales look amazing.

The PM2 and Yojimbo 2 were run of the mill S30V version, and much less expensive scales.

Most Spyderco's fit my hand well, and are worth modifying to suit my likes.

I've added deep carry clips to almost everything except those I couldn't get them for.

My Southern Grind Spider Monkey has a carbon fiber clip.

Personally, I don't like metal handles, and would never choose them. IMO, knives like the PM2 and 3 were designed to be light, why weigh them down?

To each their own.


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Jan 18, 2016
IMG_20201003_090914_compress51.jpg I've become an expert in making $300 plus knives into $300 MINUS knives. Way more fun to make it your own ,and you can do it as funds/ time allow. Here is my alliance designs bangarang
plus I get a voided warranty
definitely a slippery slope


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Mar 3, 2000
Warranty, Schmarranty.

Disposable income is supposed to be just that, Lad.... Disposable.

Make it your own, and if you flub it up you try again.

And that example package you came up with is pretty damn awesome if you ask me (which BTW you did ;) )