Naked and Afraid - What would you bring?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Gear, Survival Equipment & More' started by sideways, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. psychophipps


    Aug 25, 2009
    Be pretty pointless to do a 5 lbs. weight limit as Cody Lundin's kit weighs 4 lbs. 4oz.
  2. mewolf1

    mewolf1 Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Oct 24, 2005
    100%:thumbup: This says to me you've spent your entire life out doin it. Folks raved about "Castaway" one of the worst films I've seen. Got rid of cable years ago. Best move I made in years.
  3. lobo9er


    Jan 5, 2013
    An adult size feet'e zip up pajamas.

  4. Ultraman


    Oct 28, 2005
    Those are good ideas, especially having a full hide and a Vic Hercules. I finally have an idea for a pattern if I ever had to improvise shoes.
  5. Pokerface


    Aug 1, 2011
    I'd bring Chuck Norris if he could count as an item.
  6. gomipile


    Apr 17, 2010
    Yeah. I think a large roll of polyethylene or a Condor El Salvador style machete like the Eco Survivors would be my top two choices for versatility in pretty much any environment where I wouldn't die of exposure in a few minutes.
  7. WJC01


    Mar 3, 2006
    i think it's the toughest survival challenge on TV. The suck factor would be off the chart. I would not survive without shoes-I'd go for a knife and pray my partner chooses a firesteel. I'd probably try to improvise shoes ASAP. The coastal areas seem to yield the most useful man-made items-water bottles, rope, etc
    I would not be up for this challenge.
  8. ThriftyJoe


    Nov 6, 2011
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  9. Fanglekai


    Jan 7, 2007
    I think it would be absolutely terrible. Not having shoes or protection from the sun, being cold at night when the temperatures drop, no insect protection, etc.

    Mostly though I think the people they put on the show don't have extensive outdoors experience, despite what they claim. The "survival instructor" on the Panama episode said he "wasn't familiar with the bow drill technique". That's a pretty well known fire starting technique.

    The techniques used for acquiring food have been pretty much luck, aside from the lobster trap. Aside from the lobster trap I don't think any of the teams has really tried much in the way of trapping or snaring food. I was also kind of surprised that the Panama team did so little in the water. If they had made multiple lobster traps instead of just 1 they probably could have had a lobster feast and eaten well most of the time. Making the traps is a pain but once they get them setup all they'd have to do is check them once a day.
  10. jamaljahda


    Mar 4, 2009
    I can think of a few items even I could could only take one of them any of them would have been better than goggles. Since machete or knife has already been mentioned I won't use those but these come to mind.

    Fishing net

    light my fire scout fire steel

    sling shot
  11. ridnovir


    Mar 12, 2012
    what a cheesy show. Designed to draw viewers with whole naked thing. What is surprising there is enough of ex military who sign up for it (both complete failures BTW).
    so fur I liked the butt on the Hawaiian chick:thumbup:

    blade and firesteel and blade and metal container (assuming you can get fire with other means which was not the case with army instructor in Africa)) are the best combos.

    and that fatso with goggles was a joke ohh I am afraid of bats, sharks, spiders and snakes (could have killed some pythons for dinner):barf:
  12. jimh0220


    Apr 15, 2008
  13. plue


    Oct 3, 2012
    I think you're taking this too seriously. Most people watch these shows for entertainment and to maybe pick up one or two useful things. Sure it's great to be out in the bush, but if you just finished up a 14 hour workday and want to mindlessly watch an hour of tv, you could do way worse.
  14. baldtaco-II


    Feb 28, 2006
    I've not bothered to snag these up yet but yeah, that. Well that and the reactions of people to it, which can be just as much fun to see, if not more. Bit like watching how folks behave when a beautiful woman walks into a room or when there is an accident.....................Without even watching an episode yet the fun has begun. The amount of responses I've seen that have wanted to change the rules of the game to fit the agendas of spectators has been fantastic, and this is across a few different forums. Some are trying to violate the one item rule with a bunch of yada yada, and others don't like the completely stripped down theme and want to blah blah to violate that game rule. It's great entertainment already..................................... I don't believe proper survival situations respect your dignity, modesty, shame, embarrassment or anything like that. In fact, I believe that when people cling to that they increase the likeliness of their failure. I think if you're still at the stage at which you give a damn that a child can see the bloke next to you is truly ginger and uncut, or that his woman has tits that are two different sizes you're not really in peril. If you were you'd have more pressing things on your mind than arbitrary western cultural customs and taboos..................Like I said, I've not seen it yet, and I'm sure there's a lot wrong with the show 'cos after all it is TV, but I am looking forward to it. As a game-show it could be good fun for those that can submit to the rules of games they participate in, and not try to smuggle in a pair of shorts and a ferro rod in a shadowy area. And as a matter of principle I think stuff like this should be mandatory for those that have the audacity to take a fee for teaching survival. A stripped prisoner in solitary confinement periodically taken out and stressed probably has a better survival mindset than most of these jumped up survival instructors that play the big fish in a small pond and stack the gear and odds in their favour. As I understand it a couple of contestants in this show were exactly those sorts of people. They've loaded up on the wrong stuff. They should have put the stripped person as a machine and an information processor as the prime factor. They didn't, they did the easy fun stuff that played to their strengths rather than their weaknesses. And now they are miserable as a consequence. Whilst it might be just a bit of fun TV I think there's a lot to like commend here about what it is trying to tap into - something cognitive that sorts the men from the boys.
  15. Cutty73

    Cutty73 Banned BANNED

    Jul 14, 2013
    A tank:D
  16. Smithhammer


    Nov 9, 2012
    Just the opposite, actually. I'm not taking it seriously in the least. :D

    It's the people who do take it seriously that amaze me.
  17. ThriftyJoe


    Nov 6, 2011
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  18. sideways


    Feb 19, 2013
    You could almost guess things were going to go sideways when "puma" introduced himself as "a bit of a badass". :eek:

    Anyways... yeah the gear choices didn't really work out for them. What worked in the dry Serengeti did not work in the humid rainforest. They had a pretty rocking shelter going but could not get enough food and water. The dude made a mistake drinking untreated water and paid for it. Better knowledge of the local fauna and flora would probably have really helped them. It is the rainforest after all, there should be plenty to eat.


    Feb 24, 2011
    Boots or shoes, even a pair of crocs.... since the "other guy" already has a knife (girl in this case).

  20. SoCal_kid


    Jun 11, 2013
    a big chunk of firesteel.

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