New guy introducing myself.

Jan 11, 2006
Aloha all,

My name is John (Hawaii) for all you Bushcraftusa guys. Just wanted to say Aloha to you all. Glad to be here. I'm pretty knife maxed out as I have been a blade enthusiast for a long time and have about 3 or 4 knives for every finger or toe I have (and I still have them all LOL). I am a edged tool appreciator, not really a fanboy of any one particular brand. If its sharp I probably have some of it.

Some of the knives I have in the stable. Various Busse's starting with my wifes first Christmas present to me many years ago a straight handled Battle Mistress from the original group when INFI was the new thing LOL. various folders, machete's, parang's a whole bunch of Blind Horse, a couple LT Wright some Adventure Sworn and the list goes on. I like quality knives if I can afford them and don't have a problem with a $50.00 quality knife vs. a $500.00 quality knife.

Truth be told, most of the time I will usually use my Mora for any hard use as I tend to like to keep my nicer knives "nicer"

Some of my other hobbies of which I have too many are gardening(tropical fruit and good smelling tropical flowers.) Old camp stoves and camp lanterns, and trying to stay out of trouble with the missus from buying too much outdoor gear.

Thanks all,