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Jun 1, 2007

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Jun 1, 2007


~ Himalayan Imports War Record ~

Khukuri's in Action - A tribute to Our Brave Military Members, Generous Cantinistas and the Hardware they Carry.

Photos - Carrying an HI Kerambit.

R7 Thoughts.

GTA (Afghanistan) -- courtesy a caring forumite.

Pic and message from Afghanistan.

Sirupati comes handy in Afghanistan.

Pte Ryan Kluczynski in the field with tarwar.

Khukuris of Enduring Freedom -- email. Nice read.

The story of the three bears, I mean khukris.

Bura WWII in Afghanistan.

BAS in Afghanistan.

The 15" AK that went everywhere. Story for our AF buddies in "Stan."

Pen Knife testing, initial results.

Sanu WWII in Afghanistan.

Letter from Paul -- revisited.

Genuine Bura made fighting knife.

HI goes to war.

OT: Showdown in Iraq, more battle blades from the HI Cantina good guys.

Email from Sarge. Must read.

Just got back from the post office, HOLY COW!

Sarge presents the Col. with a Chitlangi -- Pix.

Uncle Bill Has Created A Monster.

15"Ang Khola in Iraq.

HI AK Bowie in the War.

Another Sarge except he's a USMC Major and more khukuris for Saddam.
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Jun 1, 2007

~ Himalayan Imports Product Reviews ~

HI Survival Knife.

Review - HI/Hmong friendship knife.

Review-Farmer Knife and Himalayan Survival Knife Redux.

Review - Parang from Kami Tirtha.

A happy day out with Amar Singh Thapa.

Review - Bahadur.

Review-HI Parang.

KH 3 Chirra vs. HI Villager CAK, BoneCutter for Deadwood.

Review - 15" Amar Singh Thapa Khukuri.

Review... Der Hauswehr.

CHOP OFF VIDEO: NMFBM vs FFBM vs Himalayan Imports 18" AK.

Busse FFBM vs Himalayan Imports 16.5" AK Chopping Video.

Kerambits: Original and the C' Bit.

The ASTK,or one of the best ideas coming out of Nepal.

Sgt. Khadka Chainpuri and Bura Dukti preliminary - WOW!

C-Kerambit by Dil Kami and other pics.

13 Inch Ultimate Fighter

NEW product HI - Der Hauswehr.

The Bonecutter Files.

13 inch 21 ounce black/blade CAK by Sher the (tiger)

its been a while coming ! ww2 !

Bura Villager Tarwar.

24" Teardrop Fuller Sirupati.

Uddha Sword Sinawali.

The Ultimate Fighter...
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Jun 1, 2007
Super CAK

Minireview: Tibetan Sword vs. Giant Chitlangi Bowie.

Long overdue Vojpuri review (for scotchleaf).

My first Ang Khola.

Another satisfied customer...

My M-43 Arrives.


Very Informal HI Khuk Chopping Comparo.

M-43 vs Bamboo.

Jungle Knife by Sher.

"Super" AK.

Villager Hasiya.

Thoughts on the Bancharo.

Tarwar makes one heckuva machete!

Himalayan Imports 15" BAS.


Villager Falcata.

My M-43 ROCKS.

Shree Ten Chandra Samsher comes to Maine.

The Corporal's Big 'Uns.

Bura bowie.

R-10, a second look.

17.5" Chiruwa Ganga Ram.

16.5" WWII by Sher - Thanks Yangdu!!

My first Khukuri: Chiruwa BAS.

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[email protected] Himalayan Imports-Owner
Apr 5, 2005
Review of Chiruwa Ang Khola.

Giant Chitlangi Bowie preliminary review.

14" Trisul..or The Nepali Boot Knife.

My new BAS!! (Blem from 7/16).

16 inch 23 ounce Chiruwa Ang Khola arrived.

Cult of the Bonecutter.

The Bonecutter Files - 16 inch.

18" Panchthar Chitlangi.

Wolf's Battle Chitlangi.

12" UBE is a Winner.

R-10 review.

Baby Ganga review.

Sweet Rose Came a Calling.

Review of 17 inch, 30 ounce Bojpore by Vim Bhadur kami.

Introduction and Boomerang review.

Kumar Karda.

Chiruwa Ang Khola Review.

R-6 Sarge from 11/20 is one tough cookie.

8.5" Bura Gool is a hard worker.

My 12" Ang Khola Proved to be Useful Again.

A work of art that chops,slices and cleaves.

Giant Chitlangi Bowie finds home, WOW!

12" AK: The Jeep Khuk.

I Love My New 15" Ang Khola Villager !!!!!!

UBE Review and Pictures.
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Apr 5, 2005
Review of a Masterpeice; almost.

The Manjushree AKA The Nepali Gladius.

JW Foxy Folly Review - Lots of Photos - Beware!

Ultimate Fighter review; pix.

Chit Bowie: First Impressions.

New M-43 review.

Uplander's AK Field Test.

Bhutan sword, or Patang.

11" SGT Khukuri review.

Hasiya Review and Pictures.

YCS Karda Review and Pictures.

Chopping day Munk cleaver + others.

Experiences with the 20" Sirupati.

R-4 Knife Review and Pictures (pic heavy).

Chiruwa Ang Khola Review and Pictures.

Bhutan Sword and 21" Chitlangi.

Skean Dhu shootout- H.I., C.S. & Sarge-made.

Chainpuri and Baby Chitlangi - Photo Review.

Bura Boomerang (Hanshee) Review and Pictures.

Chainpuri Review and Pictures.

Short review of...Villager BAS.

Bagh Bhairab Review with Pictures.

Munk Bowie Review with Pictures.

Yin Yang Sword - Photo Review.

Foxy Folly Review with Pictures.

Villager Baby Ganga Ram Special Review with Pictures.
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[email protected] Himalayan Imports-Owner
Apr 5, 2005
Movie Model Reivew and Pictures.

Gelbu Special Review with Pictures.

Balance Pictures and Review.

Sher Attitude Pictures and mini review.

JKM-1 newbie Review.

R-1 Pictures and Mini Review.

Museum Model: pix, review.

R-1 Stick Knife Arrives! - Review with pics.

Mini Review for Backward Blade Sword.

AK Bowie and Sher Attitude Review (Thumbnails Galore).

The Backwards Blade.

The Air Divided by Tarwar.

REVIEW: Museum Model!!!

First Impressions of the Rusty Sgian Dubh.

Balance Model Review.

The R-9: First Impressions.

Jungle Killer.

Jure first impressions.

15" Pen Knife Test.

Neem- 14" BDC review; Trisul, Sher Attitude Special.

Trisul: First Impressions.

Villager Pen Knife review.

HI Seax pics [56k warning].

Munk Chunk Cobalt Cleaver pics and mini-review.
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