NovaTac SPL-120 flashlight - Modified


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Feb 27, 1999
I’ve been holding on to this light for a while because it’s unique and quite good but I never use it.

Maybe someone here will actually carry it and put it to good use.

This is a NovaTac SPL120 that has been upgraded with a Higher output cool white XML emitter.

To my eyes it looks like it puts out between 500-600 lumens as it’s much brighter than my Malkoff E2 scout at 425lumens.

The modes are:

1- press hold for momentary max high
2- press once for max high
3- from on press hold for strobe
4- from on quick press twice for medium

I further modified the light by adding a HDS steel bezel from an older legacy light. The original bezel is included.

Will also be including a 16340 battery.

Asking for $SOLD shipped including all fees.

Not looking for trades at this time.

Thank you.

BC89C814-BD90-49E1-8BD8-F1141D6AB0D5.jpeg 69D85D4B-02F4-43CA-916D-F63BEFC73A01.jpeg 88261D7F-6065-43E0-A35C-D9F9642A9173.jpeg B79ECE6C-BEB1-4F55-9077-36CB9F898B7D.jpeg D95351F9-FE72-427F-B10E-A4B42D3DCB1B.jpeg
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