OP2W Part Deux . . . What Do You Want To See?

Jun 11, 2012
2nd generation Anorexic Badger Attack III.... ABA 3.2

This is actually something I'd love to see, I was just thinking the other day about how the knife I really want is stuck dead between the BOSS Jack and the BOSS Street. I was thinking what blade would come between them, Badgers are always 5" blades... BINGO. Then I saw Hookahabib's thread this evening with what looks like a Badger Attack 3 of some kind, Double BINGO.

This is what we need to see BOSS HOG!!! Busse BOSS Anorexic Badger Attack III!!!!

Further digging looking for pics of Badger Attack 3's, I stumbled upon my own post from Aug. 2015 which I have no memory of creating.... looks like I've already asked for such a beast in Battle Grade dress no less.

Battle Grade Badger Attack III…. :)

No Choil, Full Convex, Light Brigade Treatment.

You can thank me later, Bossman …. ;)

Makes me think this would be really sweet if it were a Battle Grade with the new SR-101 Comp Finish Treatment... Wicked!!! Anorexic Badger Attack III... :). It would be cheap enough to where I'd like have a very difficult time resisting... so much so I know I'd cave and buy at least a few to keep some spares on hand at all times I want them SOO MUCH!
Feb 24, 2011
Hey Jerry Busse Jerry Busse @Garth Reckner -- how about another release of the Magnum Bear Cub and its 59-61RC blade?! Maybe with some nice linen micarta, or even go Custom Shop style with some nice wooden or mammoth scales?

As long as it's an MBC, I'll be cool with any handles...

That's one from a few years back that I'd absolutely LOVE to get my hands on...The want is almost painful, it's so real!
Jan 28, 2008
I’d like to see a Busse version of the old Vietnam SOG recon blade . The tank buster had the spine look right but maybe a bit slimmer blade and a bit longer .
Also the pork shank was a cool little kitchen knife that was nice. Sarsquatch remake , I actually had a dream about a Busse chisel style spear point to mount on a pole. There really should be a Busse collectors book :)
May 31, 2006

Trough Raider with Regulator handle and SR101 (no CBT needed)= Scrap Raider

The Huck with Regulator handle Sr101 (no CBT needed) Fuller is OK = Alpha Huck

Swamp Bolo or Mega MountainManBolo = The Mountain Mandu Sr101 maybe 1-2" longer in Bolo form

Mini tali whacker is a request from people at the Yard (especially Rich and Randy) for a 4" Tali-Whacker they can EDC


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May 29, 2004
Please, pretty please, a MINI Taliwhacker (the term Mini-Tac keeps floating through my mind...) IMHO - perfection would be: Full-size Res-C handle with reduced length 5” long, .25 thick Tali-Style blade.
(War-Dog style handle might be ok - something with a substantial guard...)

(Also a plus-size Tali would be awesome as has also recently been requested elsewhere...) :D

(Also a coated Basic 4 with the War Dog handle) :)
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