Post your CRK carry knife for today.


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Aug 29, 2013
Small Classic with Bocote inlay! I just got this fellow thanks to an awesome seller! If you look at the screws and hardware, you'll notice it is in a matte finish, but that the finish is slightly gold in color. Was this a common option with the Classic?

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 3.26.20 AM.jpg

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 3.27.19 AM.jpg

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Dec 10, 2006


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Oct 13, 2018
I hope I don’t beat that but...first it was Friday then Saturday now today...
Well hopefully it ain’t too much longer

Just a little bit. It was one of my rookies too, doesn’t understand how to adjust a expansion valve for superheat.
Here’s a little rookie story that’ll make you feel better about your guy....
I’d say it was almost 15 years ago we were roughing in a great big ole house in a subdivision on the golf course. It had a full basement that was gonna be a finished ceiling, not a t-bar grid. I had a buddy of mine working with us that I grew up with playing baseball. I take him to the basement and told him to take and drill two sets of 2-1/2 holes thru the floor joists from one end to the next. We were gonna use them to pull most of the homeruns through. I go back upstairs and come check on him in a little bit. Instead of drilling the 1st floor floor joist/basement ceiling joist he has drilled up through the subfloor about halfway across this house. I lost it at first then I was speechless. I asked him to just step back and think about that. How do you think we’re gonna pull Romex through those holes? Have them notch the hardwood up above? We ended up blocking wood underneath and patching the subfloor. It was funny after the fact. I’ve never in my life see anyone else do that. I’ll never forget it tho.